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Google Won 2016

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 13:51:47
change motivationRecently, the United Nations announced the 2016 "change motivation" (Momentum for Change) climate award winners. The award is the United Nations to improve the global climate environment and the establishment of the international award. This year, Google, with its solar services tool Project Sunroof won the award.

Fourth Energy Project Sunroof had previously made a detailed report. As a solar energy assessment tool, Project Sunroof can provide consumers with simple, reliable solar powered portable generator ernergy information. It builds a complete large data system by integrating multiple data - Google's own maps, 3D models, shadow indices, weather data from the US Renewable Energy Lab, the US Clean Energy Lab's pricing information, and more. Users simply log in to the Project Sunroof page and enter the address of the rooftop solar rooftop that they want to install. Google will instantly provide information about the weather, environment, roof area, energy prices, etc., and provide an energy-efficient solution for the user. Energy - saving funds.
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