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Google Project Malta

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-12-29 12:20:05
"Project Malta" is a project of X Lab (formerly known as Google X) of Google's parent company Alphabet. According to TechCrunch, the project is dedicated to the development of molten salt thermoelectric energy storage systems, and recently received nearly $26 million in Series A financing.

The report said that this round of financing was led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures. According to Crunch Base, Breakthrough Energy Ventures was founded in 2016 by Bill Gates, Ma Yun, Jeff Bezos, KPCB Venture Capitalist John Dour, and Indian entrepreneur Vinod Kos La is co-founded.

Malta is now an independent company. The company has developed a system that can store electricity generated from renewable or fossil fuels for longer than lithium-ion batteries.

According to the report, Malta will use these funds to work with industry partners to transform the detailed design developed and improved in the X lab into industrial grade machinery for use in the first pilot system.

Google Project Malta

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