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Global Solar Photovoltaic Panels Capacity Increasing

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-03-15 12:57:21
British "Guardian" recently reported that the current global installed capacity of solar photovoltaic panels has reached 305 gigawatts, and this figure in 2010 only 50 gigawatt watts, "China and the United States dominated the development of solar energy scale " According to the European solar trading company data, China and the United States 2016 new installed capacity than in 2015 increased by nearly 1 times.

With the increase in solar energy R & D and application of investment, the global solar power batteries energy industry is still in a strong growth stage.
According to British media reports, China's contribution to the Asian market in 2016 nearly half of the installed capacity of photovoltaic panels. Africa and South America are also very encouraging, an increase of more than 200%. In contrast, the slow growth in Europe in 2016, prompted the solar industry to call for the EU to develop a more aggressive renewable energy goal, that by 2020, the proportion of renewable energy from 20% to 35%.

British Reuters reported that during the "thirteen five" plan, China will invest about 2.5 trillion yuan for renewable energy power generation. According to the Iranian news television website recently reported that China has leapt to "the world's largest solar power generation country", as of the end of 2016, China's total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation reached 77.423 gigawatts.

Statistics show that by 2015 the North American utility scale solar energy growth of up to 129%, especially in December last year, the US growth momentum "very rapid, within a month to register new capacity nearly 3 gigawatts."

In Europe, as one of the major markets in the UK, its solar industry is affected by the adverse actions of the government. Some experts pointed out that due to tax incentives and incentives are not in place, the UK 2016 new solar power installed capacity than the previous year hit a historical peak reduced by about 50%. However, even so, relatively speaking, the British solar energy utilization in Europe is still in a leading position. In 2016, Britain's new installed capacity accounted for 29% of the total installed capacity, compared with 21% in Germany, 8.3% in France, Germany and France are ranked in the UK. However, Germany is still the highest total solar energy production in Europe, Italy ranked second.

It is noteworthy that Africa is sunny and has a lot to do in terms of portable solar power generator solar energy use. According to the Egyptian "News" reported that Africa per day per square meter to receive an average of 6 kwh of solar energy, called "the world of the sun", Africa has great potential through solar energy to meet its energy needs. In Africa, solar energy is not only about reducing emissions, but also helping to reduce poverty. Because in sub-Saharan Africa, about 560 million people in a state of lack of electricity, 625 million people rely on wood or coal and other solid fuel cooking. While solar technology can provide clean, high-quality electricity, which can effectively improve the overall quality of life in Africa.

"In order to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, it is important to maintain the rapid development of the solar industry," said Watson, president of the European Solar Energy Association. "The global solar industry is ready and even possible to grow faster. "

It is self-evident that China's outstanding response to solar energy use has been an effective example of climate change in promoting clean energy use and development.

According to the China National Energy Administration released in December last year, "solar energy development" thirteen five "plan" to the end of 2020, solar power installed capacity will reach 110 million kilowatts or more, of which, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of more than 105 million kilowatts. London Westminster Business School Professor John told this reporter that the solar industry, 2016 is a "good year", of which China's contribution is huge. From the current situation, solar energy as a reliable clean energy, the future development of this industry still has great potential, the prospects are full of hope.

However, some experts pointed out that if you want to maintain strong growth last year, governments need to attach great importance to take measures to do everything possible to encourage residents and businesses to turn to solar energy, which is "crucial." At the same time, have to develop a reliable large-scale energy storage technology. Because, in most countries, solar power is still a "relatively small public power generation", even in those areas where the performance of this technology is positive, such as Europe, solar power can only meet 4 % Of the demand for electricity, can dig the potential is still huge.
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