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Gigafactory Super-Battery Factory Officially Put Into Operation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-08 21:48:31
Gigafactory super-battery factory officially put into operation on the 4th, the first battery off the assembly line. The plant is located in eastern Reno, Nevada.

It is reported that the factory "gigabit factory" in the world, the production of batteries for the company's energy storage products will provide power and energy, the future will also be used for Model 3 electric vehicles.
Gigafactory Super-Battery Factory Officially Put Into Operation
Large-scale mass production is the pursuit of Tesla in the process of electrification development of a huge milestone, and further promote the development of the US battery manufacturing industry. Prior to this the industry has been China, Japan and South Korea led by the three countries.

It is reported that Tesla Gigabit factory employees the total number of 2,900 people, covers an area of 4.9 million square feet. In addition, Tesla and Matsushita, Japan, this year, the plant will also add more than 4,000 new jobs (including temporary construction jobs).
Gigafactory Super-Battery Factory Officially Put Into Operation
By 2018, the plant will have 6,500 full-time employees (currently less than one-third) in Reno, boosting global lithium-ion battery and lifepo4 battery pack production capacity by two-fold, according to the Tesla Employment Forecast.

Overall, the plant's full launch for Tesla has important significance. Tesla is full of challenges, set up a difficult goal and timetable. As a result, Tesla needs to prove to investors and customers that it can deliver its first mass-produced electric vehicle on schedule.

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