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Germany set the international standard for the assessment of the power generation capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 16:26:45

A "thermal power generation (CSP Bankability) can financing" new research projects have been started, the project team's goal is to 2015 Xia Tianxian issued a guide, and then in the next few years, the manual will be supplied continuously, people can use it to solve the solar power generator project without a unified calculation of power generation power plant problems.

 thermal power generation

Solar thermal power generation project financing by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), FraunhoferISE, Fichtner, Suntrace, Novatec, Solar, IATech, Solar Tower, Technologies DNVGL and other units engaged in research from Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Science professor Goebel joint initiative.


The project sponsors said: "accurate assessment of power plant power generation is an essential criterion for a power plant financing. In addition to considering the factor of the technical route of the power station, the calculation model of a power station's power generation should be measured and evaluated. At the same time, considering the influence of different radiation levels and different price structure. There are many uncertainties in the selection of technical routes and the assessment of solar energy resources, which must be considered when calculating the power generation of the power plant."


Up to now, there is not a universal standard in the international scope to accurately calculate the power generation and yield of a light thermal power station. Large thermal power generation project partners are expected to hand in thermal power project revenue forecast to reach a higher level, the forecast data can be more transparent and more reliable.


Improvements in these areas can reduce the heat and light projects in the financing process in the presence of a high risk premium, the current part of the cost is often very high. In the initial stage of power plant planning, developers and stakeholders have to plant yield and reliability calculation method to reach a consensus, which will involve suppliers, customers, consulting firms, investors, funding agencies and insurance companies. If there is a general standard of the industry, it will be able to greatly improve the efficiency of solar backup generator construction and reduce communication errors.


In terms of technology, with the continuous research and development of new equipment, the future thermal project developers must compare and identify choose more suitable for their own project technical level of product of new and existing products, and in the project construction project timely adjustment. The introduction of a unified standard for the whole process of power plant construction, can increase the correlation of different components of the power plant, but also facilitate better product matching between different product suppliers.


From Germany to the global promotion


Solar thermal power generation project will be financing to adapt to the global thermal power generation industry as the research direction, and first in Germany launched. After consultation with the International Energy Agency under the PACES Solar, the program has been proposed as a basis for international standards based on the guidelines set out by the Institute for the study of the project.


The research results of the project will be in the online manual release, the manual will be recorded in the power generation capacity of different calculation methods, analysis of the detailed description, including an overview of the existing solar thermal power plant yield calculation method of different calculation methods and different thermal technology route project case.


The manual will also give advice on the project construction cost, financing structure and the sources of the selection of the solar energy resources.


At the same time, the first edition of the manual will contain only the use of thermal oil as the heat transfer carrier trough optical solar generator station of the relevant standards, is expected before 2016 will be the tower thermal power station and the Finel light thermal power station also added.

This project by the German Federal Parliament, a parliamentary resolution, the decision by the German Federal Economic and energy sector to provide financial support.

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