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German company research and develop the solar energy road, the energy utilization will up to 15%

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 18:36:36

AutoBlog website reported that theorists have put forward the idea of laying the solar road without solar power generators for some time, and the subsequent improvement of this process has been always change. This idea is really meaningful, the global millions of miles of road will absorb a lot of light, in which most of the energy is wasted. As long as human being find the way go solve the cost and durability, the millions of miles of road is possible to complete the task of doubling renewable energy.

German start-up company called Solmove progress in this attempt recently. The method is to install PV cells on the road. It’s indeed other person who had this idea, such as the peculiar solar road system Solar Roadways.

In Netherlands and Canada, some organizations have successfully realized solar road in a small range. Currently, since the conventional roads and highways must to bear too severe impact from the cars, trucks and other heavy machinery, the idea seems to have a higher feasibility in amount of small traffic road.

Solmove have developed the glass road for non-motorized use only. At present, this kind of road are only available for people on foot or bike, not for driving the vehicle.

Solar road concept picture

This is a rare opportunity for Slomove company based in Germany. Compared with American, there are more short-term potential for Germany Solmove products. Geospatial valuable means we should encourage the use of most unused surface area, while Germany are turning to the use of renewable energy, the energy demand is expected to rise. Solmove founder Tang said: “compared with American, many facilities in Germany are small. There are a lot of people, maybe we can take advantage of the scenery and our facilities are already be a smart way.

Solmove will deploy its energy projects in land near Berlin's Haus der Zukunft areas. Road surface of the glass will reflect sunlight onto the solar cells, energy efficiency up to 10% -15%.

For reference, the company Sun City( Solar City) light absorption rate of the most advanced solar panel of solar power batteries is 22%,it said to be the world's highest efficiency.

With the decrease cost and increase production of solar energy system, the use of solar energy will become more feasible, in such a powerhouse Germany, future energy and space requirement will increase, the use of advanced technology to find new use of space and energy resources is a wise way.

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