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General Motors And US Army Introduced A Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 10:15:48

According to media reports, General Motors and the US Army introduced a prototype hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be unveiled at AUSA October meeting. The project period is announced in November last year by GM and Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, Engineering Center (TARDEC) jointly implemented. Cause US Department of Defense and General Motors to develop the project is that it is considered a fuel cell with military applications. The ministry also wants more use of civilian technology in the future development of the military product.

Some organizations believe that the ultimate fuel cell vehicles represent the future direction of new energy vehicles, is "the ultimate new energy vehicles." In fact, Japan, the United States and other developed countries are already strong cooperation in the field of fuel cell layout, different with lifepo4 batteries, and steaming Honda, Toyota and BMW, Nissan and Daimler AG and other large car prices related product development. According to DTC it expects 2025 global market size of fuel cell vehicles will reach 5.3 trillion yen, sales of about 1.8 million.
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