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General Motors & Honda Jointly Battery Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-06-06 12:25:41
Increasing battery life and energy capacity is a big deal for automakers around the world. The more energy storage capacity inside the battery and the lighter battery will greatly influence how far the driver can go each time he recharges the electric vehicle. General Motors and Honda have announced that they have jointly accelerated the battery development of the two companies.

The two car manufacturers have announced a new advanced chemical battery component agreement, which includes batteries and modules, with the goal of accelerating the EV launch of both companies. GM said that the next-generation battery developed by Honda will be smaller, faster charging, and higher energy density. According to General Motors, batteries will be used primarily in the North American market.
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The agreement stipulates that the two companies will cooperate based on GM’s next-generation battery system, and Honda will supply battery modules to GM’s electric vehicles. General Motors also pointed out that the comprehensive scale and global manufacturing efficiency will provide customers with better value. This means that cheaper batteries lead to cheaper cars.

This is not the first time that GM and Honda have cooperated to promote electrification for the first time. The two companies have jointly developed an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be available at some point in 2020.

There is no indication that General Motors and Honda expect these next-generation batteries to be used for commercial purposes. Battery technology has the greatest potential for improvement in the mileage of electric vehicles.

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