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General Design Method Of Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-04 11:37:27
Solar powered portable generator can be divided into flat-type and condenser type two categories. Flat array, only a certain number of PV modules in accordance with the requirements of electrical performance string, parallel can be, without the installation of convergence of the sun device, simple structure, and more for the fixed installation of the occasion. Concentrating arrays, collectors with converging sunlight, are usually focused by means of planar mirrors, parabolic reflectors, or Fresnel lenses to enhance the spectral irradiance of the human body. Concentrated arrays, which are less expensive than flat-panel arrays with the same power output, reduce costs; however, a sun-tracking device is usually required, but also because of the rotating parts, which reduces reliability.

PV array design, in general, is in accordance with the user's requirements and load of electricity and technical conditions to calculate the number of PV modules, the number of parallel. The number of series is determined by the operating voltage of the PV array. The influence of the float voltage, line loss and temperature on the PV cells should be considered. After the number of PV modules is determined, the parallel number of photovoltaic modules can be calculated according to the 10-year average of the total annual solar radiation or sunshine hours provided by the meteorological station. PV array output power and the number of components of the series, the number of parallel connection solar powered portable generator, the module is connected in series in order to obtain the required voltage, the parallel components in order to obtain the required current. The following is a brief introduction to the general design and calculation of photovoltaic arrays.

The basic idea of PV module design is to meet the annual average of 9 loads of electricity demand. The basic method for calculating PV modules solar powered portable generator is to divide the amount of energy (Amps per day) required by the load per day by the amount of energy that a PV module can produce in a day, so that the system requires parallel PV cells The number of components, the use of these photovoltaic modules in series can produce the system load required voltage. The basic formula is as follows:

Modification of PV module and array design

The output of PV modules will be affected by some external factors, and the PV modules calculated based on the above basic formula can not meet the demand of PV system. In order to obtain more accurate results, It is necessary to amend the above basic formula.

Reduce the output of PV modules by 10%: in actual operation, the output of PV modules will be affected by the external environment and reduce. Soil, dirt coverage, and slow decay of component performance all reduce the output of PV modules solar powered portable generator. The usual practice is to reduce the output of PV modules by 10% at the time of calculation to solve the above unpredictable and non-visual factors. Can be seen as the design of photovoltaic systems need to consider the safety factor on the project. Because the operation of the PV system depends on the weather conditions, it is necessary to evaluate and estimate these factors. Therefore, the design margin will make the system can be used year after year long-term normal use.
The load increased by 10% to cope with the Coulomb efficiency of the battery: the battery charge and discharge process, the lead-acid batteries will electrolysis of water, resulting in gas escape, which means that the photovoltaic cell components will be part of the current  can not be transformed into storage But dissipated solar powered portable generator. So it can be considered a small part of the current used to compensate for the loss, we use the Coulomb efficiency of the battery to assess this current loss. Different Coulomb efficiency of different batteries, usually can be considered a 5% to 10% loss, so the conservative design of the photovoltaic cell components necessary to increase the power of 10% to offset the battery dissipation loss.

Complete PV cell design calculations

In view of the above, it is necessary to modify the simple PV cell design formula by dividing the daily load by the Coulomb efficiency of the battery, thus increasing the daily load, actually giving the true load to be borne by the PV module; Factor is multiplied by the daily output of the PV module solar power generator. This reduces the daily output of the photovoltaic module due to the environmental factors and the attenuation of the module itself, and gives a conservative estimate of the output of the PV module in practice. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box