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Gamesa New Milestone In Off-Grid Technology Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-06 15:02:26
GamesaGamesa has made a new milestone in developing its off-grid technology, installing and starting lithium batteries for storage power at La Muela (Aragon).

Gamesa's offgrid system, which was officially launched in May last year, provides electricity to areas without access to electricity. The prototype is groundbreaking because of its four power supplies (wind, solar, diesel and recently installed lifepo4 battery pack storage batteries) tied to a solution with a capacity of more than 2 MW.

The prototype also includes custom control software developed by Gamesa to facilitate the integration of the four technologies. This system, known as Hybrid Power Controllers (HPC), enables remote management of various conditions, including charging up and down, starting and stopping various systems, and activating special operating modes such as "zero diesel" mode.

Lithium batteries with the capacity to store 429kW of power are incremental for the Gamesa G52 turbines (850kW), 816 PV modules (245kWp) and three 222kW diesel generators (666kW). So equipped, the prototype can generate enough power to meet the energy needs of 4,000 households.

"The start-up of Li-ion batteries is an important step in the development of Gamesa's departure from the proposition that combining power from these four sources will reduce electricity costs in remote areas without access to the grid and generate cleaner energy." Gamesa Development Said David Mesonero.
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