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Gamble On Battery Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-28 15:03:32

Gamble On Battery Technology

"Today I am willing to take all the assets into the silver dragon in." Dong Mingzhu in December 15 of the "Made in China Summit Forum" said. In Dong Mingzhu view, silver-long battery technology in the world are leading. Please Poke: 1 billion, Dong Ming Zhu charge "all the net worth," Silver Long will be end well?

Rudd is still used to drinking Lipton tea, and in order to entertain guests, Yuehua Jian also occasionally pop out the English word. He is a typical returnees entrepreneurs.

If not returned to business, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, he graduated, perhaps in the United States, New York, the United Nations headquarters to do a stable consultancy work, or in consulting firms, financial institutions earn quick money.
Gamble On Battery Technology
Luke is the General Manager of Beijing Baineng Huitong Technology Co., Ltd. This is a state-level high-tech enterprise with power storage as its core technology. It is committed to providing energy storage products and related design, engineering and solutions for photovoltaic power generation, new energy vehicle charging and intelligent micro-grid.

Ten years ago, in the United States several visits, so he saw the pain point of the electricity market - production and consumption at the same time, there is no way large-scale low-cost storage.

"If you have a reliable, safe, low - cost energy storage system, you can save and reuse the energy that you would otherwise have wasted," he said.

Smelling business opportunities, he decided to return to business. However, in China's special power market environment, he is more like a Don Quixote-style characters. "Peak difference" missing, so that the power of energy storage lost the basis for development. Technology research and development dystocia and the slow development of the market, let him lose everything time and time again.

After the entrepreneurial experience may be the current phase of the most ups and downs of life experience. But after investors divestment, the core members of the team, funding strand breaks, he still insisted.

"In fact, the core of business is the price.Whether you create a smooth or not, the success of the speed, and finally in the final analysis, is how much you are willing to pay the price to get this result.So this is very painful.

Ten years later, he has been from the original followers into a team leader. The company broke through all the technical bottlenecks in the industrial chain, in March this year, by the acquisition of new shares of listed companies trillion. September, the company's world's largest zinc bromide flow of portable solar power generator energy storage battery key material production base, settled in Baoding Zhongguancun Innovation Center base. With the National Energy Board, "Power Development" thirteen "plan" and the introduction of the past two years, power market reform, the original closed the conservative power market is changing.

"I am now more anxious than when I have no money." Luke told the "China Entrepreneur" reporter, money when the target is clear, good technology research and development, and find investors financing. Now, to solve the technical and financial problems, the home appliance market, energy companies are confronted with more complex to expand the market and improve the management of the problem.

Up to now, 100% of Huitong orders about 60% depends on large-scale power generation companies. On the one hand, they want to open up the bulk of industrial and commercial electricity users and new energy vehicles, the two major users of the market in order to balance the excessive reliance on power companies may bring risks; the other hand, these two markets relatively slow pace of development, especially new energy The intense competition from other solar power batteries technology companies, such as lithium-ion batteries, that the automotive user market is facing has forced them to continue to stabilize the power generation market in the short term. 100 billion in value up to the market value of energy storage, 100 to pass and Luke are still suffering in the dilemma.
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