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Future Development Of Photovoltaic Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-11 12:30:46
When people can really go to the 'electricity do not money' golden age? 

This question for domestic and foreign users is a hot topic, of course, everyone for the future development of a kind of power and vision.

With the photovoltaic industry, the growing level of technology, battery performance and capacity of the continuous improvement of the past few years, many companies to look to the "photovoltaic + energy storage," this new thing, we all know that the power of photovoltaic power from solar power batteries energy, and Solar energy is inexhaustible inexhaustible. Photovoltaic modules, inverters, brackets and related system components from the combination of photovoltaic power generation system, every day can have a steady stream of electricity generated. For most users, the peak of household electricity in the morning and evening, and these two periods of time is the lowest time of photovoltaic power generation, in general, photovoltaic power generation users tend to work hours of photovoltaic power transmission to the grid, access A certain income, but this kind of income in the absence of government subsidies in the case of selling electricity is very low. So, in Europe, Australia, some areas, due to the low amount of photovoltaic power subsidies, users more choice of "photovoltaic + energy storage", it greatly increased the rate of spontaneous use, an increase of the user's income, so that users really to the "No money" in the golden age.
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Photovoltaic energy storage system consists of photovoltaic grid-connected system, energy storage inverter, battery, load composition. For ordinary families, a 3kW of photovoltaic energy storage system, can meet the daily power consumption. When the photovoltaic power generation system in the solar irradiance, rely on solar energy to the load; if the photovoltaic power generation is not finished, you can use the energy storage system will be stored in excess of solar energy, at night or rainy days, household energy storage system will be Can power the user.

But in the moment based on photovoltaic systems, energy storage inverter, battery prices on the high, the domestic photovoltaic energy storage market is still in the embryonic period, many users have ideas for such a system, but the face of high prices, or hesitated. While foreign countries are different, Australia, the United Kingdom and other PV market development of the early countries, with the PV industry subsidies year after year to reduce the net income to take this temptation is not particularly obvious, and promote the user to install energy storage system policy began to appear, Which is the past few years the rapid development of foreign energy storage market, the main factor.

Years ago went to Australia to participate in a photovoltaic exhibition, during the show was fortunate to have a user with an energy storage system installed, when asked why the high cost of installing the photovoltaic energy storage system, the user given this Of the answer: because the photovoltaic power generation can not only save the high cost of electricity, but also can make the environment better, more critical is the confidence of the future of photovoltaic energy storage.
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