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Full - Bridge Cycloconverter - Type High - Frequency Photovoltaic Grid - Connected Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-05 01:03:34
In the specific circuit structure, the frequency conversion type high frequency chain photovoltaic grid-connected inverter for solar power generator can be used in high-frequency inverter part of the push-pull, half-bridge and full-bridge conversion circuit in the form of part of the cycloconverter Using full-bridge and full-wave conversion circuit and other forms. In general: push-pull circuit for low-voltage input conversion occasions; half-bridge and full-bridge circuit for high-voltage input occasions; full-wave circuit power switching voltage stress solar powered portable generator, the number of small power switches, transformer winding utilization is low, suitable for Low-voltage output conversion occasions; full-bridge circuit power switching voltage stress is low, the number of power switches, transformer winding high utilization for high-voltage output applications.

After analysis, it can be found that the power switch of the output cycloconverter can be commutated by overlapping and conducting during the zero voltage of the secondary side of the transformer, thus ensuring the continuity of the output filter inductor current, and making the cycloconverter dangerous. But also through the zero-voltage turn-on and turn-off In addition, through the phase shift control, the circuit topology can use the output filter inductance of the energy of the front-end full-bridge inverter power switch ahead of the bridge arm V, and V, , To achieve the front-end full-bridge inverter power switch zero-voltage switch-on and off. While the front-end full-bridge inverter lagging bridge arm power switch because there is no sufficient inductive energy for its junction capacitance pumping, so the delay arm power switch is full voltage open.

In order to maximize the efficiency of PV grid-connected system and reduce costs, without the need for mandatory electrical isolation conditions (in some countries the relevant provisions of the standards required for photovoltaic grid-connected system to force electrical isolation), can be used without isolation transformerless Topology, non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is too bulky for the frequency of the transformer, so a small size, light weight, high efficiency, low cost and many other advantages, which makes non-isolated grid structure with Very good prospects for development.In fact, when the PV array output voltage to meet the grid-side inverter requirements and does not require isolation solar powered portable generator, can be isolated grid-type power grid-connected photovoltaic inverter topology isolation transformer omitted, from time Evolution of single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter topology, such as: full-bridge, half-bridge, three-level and so on.
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Although the single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter eliminates the power frequency transformer, the conventional single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter has a filter inductor on its network side, and the filter inductor flows Frequency current, so there is a certain volume and quality; In addition, the conventional structure of single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter requires PV modules have enough voltage to ensure grid-connected solar powered portable generator. Therefore, some new ideas can be considered to solve the problem of conventional single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. Two novel single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverters are introduced.

In non-isolated PV grid-connected systems with traditional topologies, the output voltage of PV modules must be greater than the peak value of grid voltage at any time. Therefore, PV panels are connected in series to improve the input voltage level of PV solar powered portable generator system. However, multiple PV panels in series may be blocked by external factors such as clouds, which can lead to serious loss of output energy of PV modules. The output voltage of PV modules will drop, which can not guarantee the output voltage is greater than the grid voltage peak at any time. The whole photovoltaic grid-connected system can not work normally. And only through the first-level energy conversion is often difficult to achieve the best power at the same time to achieve maximum power tracking and grid-reverse two functions, although the circuit based single-stage non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter to overcome this shortcoming, but its Need to connect two groups of photovoltaic arrays and alternate work, which can be multi-level transformation of non-isolated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter to solve this problem.

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