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Fuel Cell Development For Electric Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-17 13:59:34
Fuel cell development in terms of experts say very much, not repeat here, it should be said that fuel cells with electric vehicles is a very good complementary relationship, we talked about, in the short-term qualitative field which is now electric cars Has been able to meet the needs of the operation, but for long-term operation of the line, we believe that the fuel cell with the combination of power lifepo4 battery pack is a very good direction.

We can see that the fuel cell car has two advantages, one is the hydrogenation is relatively fast, one is driving longer mileage, and now the hydrogen engine efficiency is relatively high, the efficiency point of view is the ideal solution.
Fuel Cell Development For Electric Vehicle
Any product safety is ranked first, for the fuel cell car is no exception, based on the platform of electric vehicles to develop the basis of fuel cell vehicles, the teacher before the meeting also said Ouyang, several stages of development.

The cost of fuel cells, just experts have analyzed, at this stage in terms of the cost of fuel cells is relatively high, the development of fuel cells is not because of its low cost, but at this stage is relatively high. If the current cost of hydrogen water electrolysis is even higher than the fuel car, if abandoned with the wind in terms of emissions is between fuel and electric cars between the cost target, just also pleased to hear that the total power of the Ming We also estimate the cost reduction in the next two to three years, so we expect that by 2020, no matter which way will be lower than the cost of fuel vehicles. If we say that the cost of our Shenhua just like to, to this cost, a reduction in the cost of a pile of electricity by 2020, when the cost should be used with electric vehicles now, and now on the bus, logistics vehicles have done a corresponding analysis , With its commercial value.

This is a foreign analysis, by 2025 when the cost down 45%, from the vehicle point of view is this, we judge in China may develop faster, especially in the field of commercial vehicles inside, with the amount of growth By 2020 can be close to the magnitude of the cost reduction.

This is the future of fuel cell vehicles in the market forecast, or relatively optimistic, by 2020 when the entire commercial vehicle, especially in the bus this one can be close to the specifications of nearly ten thousand, at this time we think it is already complete step Into the stage of commercialization.

The whole session, the application of fuel cell vehicles related to the entire industry chain of the joint, the lack of any links can not promote, first car or the first station? We believe that these two should be combined to synchronize recommendations, but also in the joint industry chain partners to jointly promote the development of the whole industry chain. Work has already been carried out in this area. Link upstream and downstream of the core, is the development of fuel cell engines. In terms of domestic industry chain has been with the promotion and application of the conditions.

At present, there are 28 fuel cell buses in operation, just some experts mentioned 40, there is a part of the car is a new delivery, we use the hydrogen refueling station 3, built a total of 8, some are Is a demonstration stage, after the demonstration is over, the Beijing 2016 Science and Technology Commission led the entire industry chain, including hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, filling this piece is in the promotion and application stage.
In this case,
From the product certification point of view, the current state of the bulletin directory, there are 11 announcements, of which there are nine commercial vehicles, there are Fukuda, Yutong, Fukuda in the passenger car and logistics vehicles have product resources . In this exhibition there are a part of the car has come, can see that this is our development of the fuel cell bus situation, whether it is bus or bus products, now in the country has a relatively complete resource, and now we Are vigorously to promote this one of the product development, we will be in 2017 on the basis of the existing launch of three fuel cell buses, passenger cars products to meet different business needs.
This is Futian fuel cell vehicle research and development process, in 2006 when we cooperate with Tsinghua University, the development of the first generation of fuel cell vehicles to serve the Olympic Games, in 2014 developed a logistics car, a new generation of 2015 fuel cell vehicles Serving the Beijing bus, in 2016 to achieve the chemical fuel cell operation. This is the Mercedes-Benz project in the United Nations to run with Beijing, the second phase is Futian bear in the one-year demonstration of the operation which we run a total of more than 70,000 kilometers, the effect is very good.

Countries now do three of the promotion plan, from now we are concerned, these areas which are still very positive, 2016 we have a lot of domestic hydrogen source, or have some basic areas to do some exchange, we The development of this business is still very good, and many of the existing contact with us, talk about commercial projects, is based on our understanding of these situations, we believe that in 2017 this business will have a relatively large development.

From the entire strategic point of view, experts in front of the report which are mentioned here is not repeated here, our country has also developed a 2025 manufacturing planning, fuel cell technology development route, and now from the operator side, the purchase side of some subsidies , Because we are now fuel cell development in the back of a few years, we believe that there are several years of time to help send a ride is a very good opportunity. Operation side of the fuel cell vehicles have reached operational requirements each year there are 60,000 yuan subsidy, we believe that at this stage is also a very good role in promoting. The domestic market is very large, and now electric buses, new energy vehicles by 2020 the total amount of about 200,000, estimated in the future in this area is part of, especially the bus class, we believe that the fuel cell is the focus of development Direction, the bus in a number of hydrogen-rich areas inside, with plenty of resources inside the region will be relatively fast development.
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