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From the consistency of the battery to see China's intelligent manufacturing

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-23 19:29:28

At the beginning of this year, the voice of support and vigorously develop China's new energy automotive industry has never stopped. In February 24th, Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting decided to further support the development of China's new energy automotive industry from the battery, the new energy include the solar power generator industry, the charging infrastructure in 5 areas, and increase the power battery digital manufacturing complete sets of equipment support.


During the two sessions, the new energy industry is also subject to the development of the topic, members of the hot debate. Data show that in 2015 China's new energy vehicle production reached 379 thousand, with its explosive growth, China has developed into the world's first new energy automotive market. It can be said that the development of the new energy industry is subject to the common concern of the whole society, and even the focus of China's policy concerns.

So, how to promote the new energy automotive industry from "quantity" to "quality" leap, and promote China's new energy automotive industry towards high-end? As everyone knows, the power battery is the core components of new energy vehicles, directly determines the whole performance of power battery, as can provide a new source of power of the car, the first to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough technically, however, the consistency between the battery is a technical problem difficult to solve at present.


Solution of consistency


Battery consistency problem has been plagued by domestic and foreign enterprises engaged in research and development of electric vehicles, because only control the power battery raw materials, production process and factory inspection, in order to effectively improve the consistency of the battery. In addition, the battery management system, as well as the best mix with other drive control system will also be helpful to improve the consistency of the battery group. Now the BMS usually with Lifepo4 battery pack together. In our country, because the whole industry chain is restricted by the level of development, the quality of raw materials, the consistency of key material performance level, manufacturing equipment and battery level comprehensive index and other countries there is a certain gap.


At present, the power battery to solve the consistency problem, there are two key factors: first, the incoming consistency condition, through advanced intelligent equipment using a high degree of automation, control the production process, ensure the battery in each manufacturing consistency on the node. Second, to enhance the level of PACK technology.


International process gap


At the beginning of 2015, China electric vehicle hundred people in "battery" research report pointed out that the production enterprises of China battery industry scale is small, the power battery enterprises abroad in technology innovation ability and profit ability compared to the large gap. In addition, the industry also has poor product consistency, industry standard system needs to be improved, lack of industry standards, technical requirements and other problems.


At present, China's record battery factory reached 100, but with a handful of passenger car standard. The laser welding in the battery industry application decryption series two under the framework of intelligent manufacturing production article pointed out that the phenomenon highlights the battery industry strong growth in production capacity, a large part of the reason is that the production of new energy vehicles to develop quickly, makes the battery the whole industry chain did not react, thus causing the battery in a certain scarcity extent.


Although, the domestic new energy automobile production enterprises are required for the bulk of the monomer battery in the domestic market, but the PACK group after the consistency of the battery is more prominent. These batteries also can be used in solar backup generator. Car prices generally reflect the person in charge, the domestic and foreign enterprises in the production of a single core in the performance, charging and discharging frequency and other indicators of the difference is not much, even in some of the performance indicators are also slightly better. But after the group is packaged, the consistency of foreign batteries instead of better, the reason, the manufacturing method is the key.


Statistics show that foreign battery factory all power battery production control point has nearly a thousand, while the domestic enterprises are unable to reach such a strict quality control level, the general is also dozens of control points. In addition, compared with foreign battery factory, the domestic battery enterprise's intelligent automation level also needs to be improved. At present, China's power battery manufacturing process is still in a semi automated production mode, manufacturing human factors involved too much, it is bound to have many quality problems, and China's battery enterprises often produce finished products after the quality inspection, and abroad in the production process to achieve each step of automation detection, not only to avoid the low rate of finished products, but also to avoid the waste of the material, which can save cost.

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