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Focus on Zhejiang Yuhang: Asia's largest steel tile roof solar power system projects and power generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 19:19:23

Recently, the Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang TV reported Asia's largest color steel tile roof photovoltaic project - Yangtze Automobile Co., Ltd. Yuhang District rooftop photovoltaic power generation project built successfully. Major domestic media reproduced, distributed photovoltaic solar power generator projects focusing roof again. Since the project grid-connected in March 6, the operation are good, resulting in considerable economic and social benefits. Changjiang Auto photovoltaic power generation projects rely on the company's 200,000 square meters of the roof of the plant, with a total installed capacity of 8.68 MW, the use of self-occupied, more than power online mode, in addition to the direct economic benefits generating station, the roof panels can reduce plant temperature and air conditioning usage, indirectly save energy. The expected generating capacity are more than 800 million kilowatt hours in the short term to meet the company’s 80 % of the electricity demand.

solar power system

It is reported that the project from Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Construction Co., second installation of EPC, only three month from start to production, Guangxi with superb technology, quality service to produce a satisfactory answer to customers. Ensured project success and power generation. In the process construction, they have overcome the low winter temperatures, rain, such difficulties. In particular, the plant outer surface roof structure is Sika PVC flexible waterproof roof, we cannot use conventional bolts construction roofing systems, at the same time, we should consider the against of twelve winds and other problems. The face of difficulties, Guangxi company are innovate, brainstorming, research to use the original construction methods to complete the construction tasks, they have been highly praised by the plant owners and parties.

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In recent years, they actively develop off grid solar generator system EPC general contracting business. The construction projects are located north and south. The amount for singing a PV installation contract are 3 billion yuan, it has completed the construction of photovoltaic power generation capacity of nearly 20 billion yuan, Annual construction capacity are above 300MWP. The PV project by Guangxi can be seen almost everywhere, the construction environment including mountains deserts, the Gobi Desert, the roof of the plant, agricultural greenhouses, etc. Guangxi has accumulated a wealth of design, procurement, construction experience, training a large number of skilled technical personnel skilled construction, coupled with strong financial strength, to provide customers with high-quality integrated services. In recent years, they have build good relationship of cooperation with China Power Investment, China Southern Power Grid, China Yingli, Trina Solar and other energy giants.

Today, Guangxi PV power generation have increasingly become significant important, and gradually become the leading solar PV EPC general contracting business.

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