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Flexible battery Q2 chain growth

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 16:29:08

At present, lithium-ion batteries are mainly square, cylindrical, soft package three categories, according to Engineering lithium statistics show that these three types of battery output in 2015 were 17GWh, 10.1GWh, 19.8GWh, accounting for 36.4%, 21.5% 42.3%, soft bag accounting for more than square and cylindrical.


By the recent fluctuations in the market of new energy vehicles and other factors, square, cylindrical battery 2016 Q2 production chain decreased significantly, such as lifepo4 batteries, only the production of soft battery Q2 chain contrarian increased, indicating that the alternative trend is obvious.


Aluminum-plastic film demand continues to strengthen, localization is imperative


Aluminum-plastic film is an important material for packaging soft-pack batteries, plays a vital role in the quality of soft-pack batteries, and is a high technical link in the field of lithium battery materials.


According to high-tech lithium statistics show that in 2013 the global demand for aluminum-plastic lithium battery of about 73 million square meters, the market size of about 25 to 30 billion; it can be used in portable solar power generator, in 2013 China's lithium battery aluminum plastic film demand of about 36.5 million Square meters, an increase of 40%, the market size of about 15 billion yuan, an increase of 30%; in 2015 the domestic soft battery production value of 325 billion yuan, lithium battery aluminum foil demand for 67.5 million square meters, corresponding to the market size of about 2.15 billion yuan.


We believe that the rapid growth of new energy automotive industry and the continuous upgrading of the soft battery permeability will be the driving force for the outbreak of demand for aluminum plastic film is expected to "13 5" during the cumulative market size of about 26.4 billion, a very rapid growth.


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Technical barriers to aluminum-plastic film is higher, the domestic production enterprises to achieve mass production is not much. And when produce this battery, it can be used in solar powered portable generator.


Risk warning


New battery technology appears, there is the possibility of alternative battery soft battery; industry valuation center can be maintained, to some extent, there is uncertainty; listed company's business layout, expansion, or the existence of trial and error risk

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