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Flat Roof Photovoltaic System Waterproof Layer is Essential

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 14:46:46

Flat roof structure selection According to the actual practice of the roof to complete the surface, select the appropriate bracket system. Stent system generally consists of columns, foundation, oblique beam and beam composed of four parts. The battery assembly in solar power generator is connected to the crosshead by a fastener. (Weight: 0.35 to 0.50 kN / m) 


Installation inclination: the inclination angle corresponding to the maximum value of the local annual total power generation is taken as the installation inclination angle of the bracket (theoretical calculation);


Common housing structure: cast-in-place concrete frame and floor, steel structure + cast-in-place concrete floor, brick-concrete structure + prefabricated floor;


Common roof finish: waterproofing membrane, cement mortar protective layer, ceramic tile.


The figure is a cast-in-situ concrete frame mortar protective layer. This program is the overall planning with the building structure, can be synchronized planning, simultaneous design and construction. This is a good way to install, because it is in the project after the completion of the electricity consumption forecast can be very targeted to determine the installed capacity, to achieve the best input results.


On the map of waterproofing membrane has been exposed, but the waterproofing membrane has been used above the installation of photovoltaic support base. It and the first difference, just that program has been waterproofing the volume of concrete protection, the service life is very long, waterproof effect is also very good. This program is exposed coil, and there may be water damage or water life can not meet the time, you can replace the waterproof layer. Because the foundation has been set aside, and the roof is one of the waterproof, does not involve the removal of photovoltaic panels, each directly on the line.


This program is that this is the third category, just now belongs to pouring concrete form. In the existing building stands, it is very easy to see. Conventional roof with waterproof, but also protective layer, but the beginning of the construction did not consider the installation of solar generator systems. The first is the outer surface of the protective layer of concrete, the following is affixed to the roof of the tile. These two kinds of installation is the weight base with bracket, this installation to find other places to recalculate the load, to achieve it is relatively simple.

The figure is installed in the waterproof membrane directly on the installation of mating block, if the waterproof layer after the damage, and need to re-replace the waterproof layer when the photovoltaic stent system will also be implicated. The second picture and the first picture is very similar, but the installation is not the same, but also directly into the waterproofing membrane. The third and fourth graphs appear to be protected by concrete, but the interior has been leaked very seriously.

Influence of Steel Type on the Design of Color Steel Roof PV System


Color steel tile is generally a family factory or a large industrial plant to use. Its installation and the difference is that the roof slope is not the same as the installation of bearings. Caigang steel roof is a version of the top of a fixture, caught in the above do support. Its role is to install the angle is installed along the roof slope, if the structural capacity of the roof can meet the circumstances, tilt angle can be increased to increase the installation angle. Common roofing solar backup generator systems are edge-to-edge, upright, and profiled steel systems (veneer or sandwich).


The first figure is the first and the second is the pressure plate is often used, directly on the prism on it. The second is a vertical lock, it is used in public buildings are more, for example, railway stations, civil airport, because its service life is relatively long. The third and the first two compared to the place where there is no fixture, but only through the nails, but the nail installation is easy to leak, even if the tightening screws and metal plate sealed no matter how good. Recommended in some special places, such as carport, is not particularly high on the water requirements of the place, in which you can install the hole cover plate.


The fourth is not recommended for use in the form of roof, because this only fastening screws to install the board, the roof of the load caused by a great, it is easy to destroy it, and leakage of this problem is not solve the problem.

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