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Five main reasons for the installation of solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the family

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-09 14:45:21
With the gradual popularization of solar photovoltaic, people are gradually understanding and recognition of this new thing. A piece of blue roof support, slowly derived from all corners of the world map.

Distributed photovoltaic roof in the end what is the magic of the world can be swept around it? The new yatan can tell you five reasons why the family roof mounted solar power generation system!

Distributed photovoltaic roof

First, the change of energy structure
Due to the large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy for many years, leading to the shortage of resources, environmental pollution, climate change and a series of difficulties, the importance of energy structure change has become increasingly prominent!

The world's eyes turned to the grace of nature "green energy", such as solar, wind, water and other clean renewable energy. To "clean energy, fossil energy, supplemented by" as the goal, in the country to support the development of a step by step is to achieve. But the wind energy, water and other green energy because of the requirements of site conditions and natural conditions are relatively high, so it is more suitable for the development of solar energy in urban areas. It's definitely the best choice for home power plants to generate electricity with only the roof and the sun!

solar energy wind energy water energy

Two, save money more money
What is the good shooting two birds with one stone in the world? Family distributed PV is!
First of all, from the perspective of saving money. Computer, water heater, air conditioning, fume hood, LCD tv...... This is the standard common household appliances. Naturally, a large amount of electricity is inevitable. The installation of photovoltaic power plants, electricity from solar energy, greatly reducing the electricity.
Secondly, how can you make money? That has benefited from the strong support of the country's substantial subsidies. At present, the family of distributed PV is generally used "spontaneous self use, residual power Internet" mode. Up to 20 years of subsidies, state subsidies 0.42 yuan / degree. Coupled with local subsidy policy around, the yield of about 15%, the income is indeed considerable! People are concerned about the monthly or quarterly earnings and electricity subsidies, through the Power Grid Corp paid directly into the owner's bank card, very reliable worry!

In addition, the family of distributed photovoltaic also has an additional invincible skills - cooling insulation. Because of the heat sink properties of solar panels itself, to ensure that the roof itself is not exposed to sunlight, then the house also maintained a relatively cool temperature, to achieve a real power saving effect. So in the summer 35 degrees high temperature, with distributed photovoltaic thermal insulation, indoor temperature instantly dropped to 30 degrees. Province under the power of large air conditioning costs, the moment a lot of monthly bills and a lot.

solar power generator used home

Three, change the environmental pollution
In recent years, extreme weather, haze, sand storms raging. Environmental problems are becoming more and more important to us! Coal power as the main force for many years, the environment has also brought a lot of damage to our environment. The good industry economy will form a broad and in-depth cluster effect, such as the whole world of fat paper is to lose weight, so the gym, vegetable salad, low-fat milk and other industrial economy will be particularly thriving.
So is the PV corresponding, it changes the energy structure of human for a long time, cut off the coal to dominate the position, do a completely zero emission clean standard, let the whole earth will not be harmful gases and pollutants, so full of positive energy resources, how can not use it and sought after!
That small photovoltaic panels can have much impact on the environment? Yatan can speak with the data! For example, an installed capacity of 3 kilowatts of small distributed solar powered generator system, the annual generating capacity of 3650 degrees, 25 years can be generating 91250 degrees, equivalent to saving 36.5 tons of standard coal, 94.9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 0.8 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. Can imagine, when the solar photovoltaic up the roof of our city, and the relative of the sky will be more blue!

Four, the roof of the standard
In the past in the design of the family building, people tend to pursue structural sophistication, modeling complex European style, in the decoration is always the pursuit of luxury retro style. But with the minimalist style and window style is more and more popular, the family began to produce new architectural design standard, such as reform of the roof of the solar power generation system.
In foreign countries, basically belong to building houses, surrounding relatively empty, no obstacle, so the roof of the building area by using the maximum range of the people considered from the two aspects of environmental protection and energy saving, began to gradually reform the roof design, a large area of the inclined roof or flat roof to fully replace the European multi roof window roof once, which provide the most basic space for solar power storage system installation.

roof solar power panel

The wind has blown fashion decoration to the other side of the ocean China, more and more families choose the solar power system for roof standard. Distributed photovoltaic roof not only to promote the house owner of the green concept, but also highlight the owner's fashion taste.

solar roof power system home

Shanghai Huating Garden Villa distributed photovoltaic power station connected to the grid in June 2016. Project total installed capacity of 20.754Kwp, total investment of 180 thousand yuan or so, the annual generating capacity of about 22819 degrees. 25 annual total revenue of about 1 million 20 thousand yuan.
Five, new investment means to lower cost, lower risk
If the early large investment is the last stumbling block to block the spread of the family of distributed photovoltaic, then the PV financing lease is the pioneer who cleared the final hurdle.
Maybe you for this new investment tool has some strange, yatan new energy which for everybody for example!

Household photovoltaic power generation

Next Pharaoh recently wanted to install solar power systems to own the factory roof, reduce electricity costs, but since the vote to suddenly come up with hundreds of thousands of money, Wang wife feel distressed, and therefore find a financial leasing license of the enterprise A, hope A can pay for the installation of this system to their own roof, then leased to Wang, Wang according to A quarterly payment of principal and interest on the rent.
This is the next Pharaoh only rent on the use of solar power generation system, and the A company's funds are also used in investment, after the lease period, A companies can choose the system to Pharaoh, and can also be sold to others. In this way the pharaoh is a kind of financing behavior, while the A company indirectly provide development funds for the Lao wang.
Through this example, we should have a knowledge of the image of the financial leasing! PV financing leasing not only solve the large investment in the early owners, more do not require owners to provide any mortgage in the entire financing lease.
After listening to these 5 reasons, we are still hesitant what! Hurry up and install the solar generator system on the roof of your house!

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