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First Time Solar Power Returned By Thailand

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 19:20:55
solar powerWenzhou Yueqing a new energy production of a solar power plant, due to quality problems, Thailand has been returned customers, products have been recalled from the market or from consumers rack up and down, a total of 152 sets, the value of $ 15808. The current batch of substandard products have been returned to the company warehouse, this is the first encounter returned Wenzhou area of solar power generation equipment.

Survey, which solar power equipment solar power conversion system and output system components, the use of solar energy to the built-in rechargeable battery, the product output voltage is 220V, can meet the electricity needs of an average family. After businesses in September 2015 to complete the order, through the Shanghai port exported to Thailand, the Thai importers wholesale to Thailand's major supermarket sales. Began in February 2016, we began to receive customer complaints that product quality problems, the main problem is the presence of poor contact of the product solar panel junction box, under the unified product Thailand supermarket shelves and stop selling, and asked all return.

After analysis, resulting in the product being returned for three reasons: First, enterprises purchasing solar powered protable generator solar panels quality acceptance control is lax. This product line of solar panels purchased parts, when sampling acceptance, lack of acceptance of specific quality indicators did not find the quality problems of solar energy. Second, the problems of packaging and transport. Solar panels bulky and fragile, it should be used to transport container and pallet packaging, but the goods only ordinary carton packaging, shipping in bulk mode. If the transport mode is not appropriate, it can easily lead to breakage or poor contact solar panels and other product quality problems. Third, the service quality needs to be improved. The companies do not establish contingency plans for customer complaints, in dealing with customer complaints, the communication channel is not smooth, did not take active and effective measures to eliminate product quality problems exist, eventually returned.
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