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First Solar Trials In NSW And Victoria

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-15 10:15:51
A town on the north coast of New South Wales is chosen as part of an innovative new test that could reduce costs and improve the reliability of power supply.

Australia's Renewable Energy Agency, University of Technology Sydney and a number of power network companies to cooperate in the NSW and Vitoria's 150 houses began to test, north coastal town of Collombatti to participate.
First Solar Trials In NSW And Victoria
The network re test will test how smart inverters work with solar powered portable generator panels on the roof and household batteries to work together to improve the quality and reliability of power.

Solar Depot Geoff renewable energy consultant Tosio Bellingen is excited about the potential results of the "historic" trial.

"This is the first such project in Australia, and we are the world leader, so Collombatti is currently in the world of meaning." Mr. Tosio says.

"This experiment will show how renewable energy can not only penetrate the grid without bad effects, but actually improve the reliability and stability of the voltage.
"History is happening in our backyard.

Hope that the test can be successfully used to accelerate the application of solar power generator power generation system.
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