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First Commercial Energy Storage System In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-16 11:49:58
Zhejiang Nandu Power Supply Co., Ltd. has been successfully put into operation for the large-scale energy storage system (the first phase storage capacity: 1.5MW / 12MWh) designed and built for Xixin Silicon Industry. This is China's first set of commercial energy storage systems.

In this project, NEDP is the general contractor of the project, providing overall design, procurement, construction and system integration services, as well as a range of services such as power management, operation and maintenance. The completion of the project marks the Southern Power has been in the field of commercialization of energy storage systems in a leading position.
First Commercial Energy Storage System In China
Energy storage system is one of the main technologies applied in smart grid, distributed generation, renewable energy integration and micro-grid and electric vehicle development. It is used in power generation, transmission and distribution, and meter back-end areas, providing peak regulation, frequency control and power supply reliability improvements. In particular, energy storage systems significantly improve the acceptance of portable solar power generator renewable energy integration, and focus on promoting the development and utilization of renewable energy sources.

As the industry leader in energy storage systems, Nandu Power has made great breakthroughs in the field of lithium ion technology, lead carbon technology, energy storage system solution innovation and market development. By the end of 2016, Southern Power has contracted and built more than 800 megawatt hours of energy storage system, mainly for peak regulation, frequency regulation and renewable energy integration. The company deployed projects around the world, including China, India, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan.

In addition to building the first set of commercial energy storage system, the Southern Power is still building China's largest industrial park energy storage system with a total capacity of 15MW / 120MWh. At the same time, the Southern Power also for the Canadian solar power stations and the Indian national grid for frequency regulation of the energy storage system.

President of Southern Power is very confident in intelligent energy, especially solar power batteries energy storage system, he said: "In the cost-per-kilowatt-hour basis of shrinking, Nandu power future commercialization of energy storage systems will continue to implement the 'investment + New business model, through the continuous development of intelligent energy innovation, technology improvement and promotion of the world 's energy contribute to sustainable development.


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