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First Battery System In GPA

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-05-10 14:41:52
Guam Electric Power Authority has signed a $ 42 million solar power battery storage system contract with LG CNS, a subsidiary of LG Corp., South Korea. The 40 MW system is not intended to shift the load from the generator, but rather to ease the intermittent frequency from the renewable energy source, except for the short-term standby power supply once the generator is turned off.

The project is expected to be completed within 12 months, including a 25-year $ 7.5 million maintenance contract. Funds come from bond issuance and utility income in 2014.

GPA management said that after installing a 25MW solar power plant in Dandan, a battery system is needed to help manage the intermittent frequency of the grid. Guam's weather conditions may lead to sudden changes in solar power, the island's aging base load generator is too slow to effectively reach the power rise and fall. Intermittent frequencies can cause customer electrical problems.
As the GPA entered the first phase of utility-scale power storage systems, millions of dollars were acclaimed. Officials are interested in the second stage, which may include storage devices that can accommodate load generators that typically provide support during peak hours in the evening. The timetable for obtaining these "load conversion" batteries is still unclear.

LG batteries will be installed in two different areas: the Tafu Fuk substation's 16MW system to help regulate the frequency of the Dandan plant, as well as the Haganian substation's 24MW system.

The contract signed yesterday at Mangilao's utility headquarters will develop renewable energy facilities on some US naval land in Guam, USA, before signing the second contract today. The land is the third stage of the development of renewable energy for public utilities.

The first phase has been completed by Dandan Solar Farm, but the second phase is delayed because the purchase needs to be republished because the GPA is aware that the battery should be included in the release. GPA general manager John Benavente said the second phase could lead to a 60 to 120 megawatts of renewable energy in Guam.
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