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Fengyuan 10,000 Tons Lithium Iron Phosphate Construction Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-19 09:29:12
FengyuanA wholly-owned subsidiary of Fengyuan Co., Ltd. Shandong Fengyuan Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. to be implemented with an annual output of 10,000 tons of lithium battery cathode material lithium iron phosphate construction project, the total investment of about 420 million yuan, of which: construction investment of 360 million yuan, Funds 60 million yuan, the required funds from the company to solve. The project is located in Taierzhuang Economic Development Zone, Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. It covers an area of 33,350 square meters and is constructed in two phases. The first phase is completed in 10 months and the second phase is completed within two years. Company intends to and the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 43 Institute for technical cooperation, to take cooperation in research and development, the introduction of absorption, the path of independent innovation to control technology direction. After the completion of the project is completed, according to the current market conditions forecast, is expected to achieve an average annual sales income of 1.025 billion yuan, total annual profit of about 220 million yuan.

Notice that the implementation of the project marks the company officially entered the field of new energy lifepo4 battery cathode materials, is conducive to the company to expand the scope of the main business, and further optimize the company's industrial product structure, promote the company's transformation and upgrading, enhance the level of comprehensive efficiency and enhance competition Strength and ability to withstand market risks, and promote sustained, healthy and rapid development of the company.

Professional analysis, Feng Yuan shares of the main business of oxalic acid products (including industrial oxalic acid, refined oxalic acid and oxalic acid derivatives) research and development, production and sales, the industry for the chemical industry. In the oxalic acid industry, Fengyuan shares have obvious advantages. But the company saw the country to vigorously promote the new energy industry, lithium-ion battery new energy vehicles as one of China's seven strategic emerging industries, the relevant state policies to focus support. In LFP battery, the cathode material occupies the most important position, and lithium iron phosphate as the most ideal lithium-ion battery cathode material, a wide range of applications, the market is huge. More importantly, the lithium battery cathode material lithium iron phosphate and the company's current leading products there is a close relationship between the upstream and downstream. Therefore, the company as a breakthrough point, through the implementation of lithium iron phosphate construction project to extend the product chain to the downstream, into the development of promising new energy battery the most important sub-sectors. With the implementation of the project, the company will extend the industrial chain to high value-added, broad market areas, will become the company's future new profit growth.
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