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Fast Development For Energy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-02 21:07:14
December 28, 2016, "2016 power, heat and carbon market to promote the coordinated development of fog haze Governance Seminar" was successfully held in Beijing. Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager, General Manager of Strategic Development Wang Xudong attended and spoke. He said the energy storage market has been in the eve of the outbreak, and now the economic downturn, the pressure of pollution led to the sale of electricity to make some changes in the second half of 2016, the policy frequently introduced next year there will be a more explicit subsidy policy, Can already in a cusp, and in 2017, 2018 must be a market competition and market expansion period. Investment style conversion, the market's business model of the emerging to energy-driven industries will usher in a fast development.

Wang Xudong: thanks to the Central Exchange, thanks to the exchange to give me the opportunity to share with us the basic situation of our company.

We are a power equipment manufacturer listed on the A-share listed on the GEM in 2010, our main business is mainly below 3V, the type of switchgear for all distribution networks, as well as transformers, including power quality improvement, electrical equipment manufacturing. 2015 implementation of a strategic transformation, but also in our country under the ambitious background of power reform, we conducted a more successful transformation. From the traditional manufacturing of electrical equipment to new energy and the transformation of the industry to exit the electricity transformation.
Fast Development For Energy Storage
Our overall strategic development ideas, relying on our 20 years in the power industry, with the equipment manufacturing, sales, R & D experience in this industry, according to the construction of distributed energy, combined with our country the overall direction of the Placing Power Reform, Combined with the so-called smart grid, smart micro-network development in the general direction. In the traditional distribution side, our company is mainly to do 0.4 kilovolt to 0.5 kilovolt equipment. 35 kV in the following switchgear, we also have a very leading domestic technological advantages. This year the second tender of the State Grid procurement we are winning the national network of four companies in the procurement company, about 47 million orders, but also confirms our power distribution equipment manufacturing in this area strength. At the same time we have the following in the 110 kV substation construction also has a lot of success stories and qualifications. In the distribution side of this one we have a lot of technology and engineering accumulation. Since 2015, through wind power and photovoltaic investment in the construction of a number of cases. To this year we have started the new energy power plant projects, including wind power and photovoltaic have more than 260 megawatts, EPC orders in about 20 billion, but also for our substantial profit growth this year laid a very solid foundation.

Through the development of the end and distribution side of the accumulation of deep experience, we also started in the field of portable solar power generator energy storage corresponding layout. We have just some time ago and HIT has conducted technical cooperation on the battery, co-founded a research and development laboratories. At the same time in the construction of new energy projects in Heilongjiang is relatively concentrated in a county, and Tailai County People's Government signed a comprehensive strategic agreement, the Tailai County to build a national comprehensive energy demonstration base.
Fast Development For Energy Storage
The entire plate is shown through a diagram. We build from the power generation side to the installation and construction of power projects and the construction of the distribution network, to the distribution users, with the high-performance battery energy storage facilities, to build our complete plate.

The next three years development strategy. The first step, from the traditional business by continuing to strengthen management, reduce costs and achieve stable growth. Especially in the ring network cabinet has been from the air ring counter, to achieve a very big breakthrough. Smart air is expected to the future of environmental protection counters, the State Grid distribution network with the main ring counter. Next, based on the manufacture of electrical equipment, we in the new energy is also maintained a very high rate of rapid growth. Because in 2016 the scale of construction has reached 1.9 billion, we in the next two years from this one generated net profit is probably between 1-2 billion. I rely on the construction and development of electrical equipment and new energy manufacturing, demonstration projects in the storage of energy through the construction of the demonstration projects in the country, especially some of the strategic partners of the clean demonstration plant, photovoltaic projects for energy storage demonstration projects. Finally, we strengthen the industry chain through integration, to achieve smart grid, smart micro-network, comprehensive management and other aspects of a comprehensive march. The gray-green diagram further depicts the details of our development plan. Just also introduced, will not go into.

Focus on our country in the context of the Placing Power Reform, energy storage is how the development of ideas and strategies. In the past, our country's circuit by the State Grid to deploy a unified deployment. A few years ago the State Grid conducted a comprehensive business model with a monopoly nature. We also learn from the foreign power market storage model, the state is also determined to completely cut transmission and distribution, after the country network backbone, highway is equivalent to the national highway, you are responsible for this part of the national highway, the local government is responsible for provincial, By the local government to self-implementation planning, independent to the construction of the tender, and completely in the form of PPP, or all directly contracted to the form of private enterprises to operate, so it is a very large bonus release.

In this context, our company is relying on its own new energy assets, relying on its own distribution facilities, as well as the implementation of the construction of power distribution capacity, we have to sell the direction of the strategic transformation. A preliminary project, in Tailai County 30MW, 120MWH for heating, multi-capable demonstration projects. Storage this one of our judgments, it should be said has been in the market eve of the outbreak. We are from the so-called industrial cycle or economic cycle theory, the general technology, business model innovation and accumulation, is under the pressure of economic downturn was forced to turn, and now the economic downside pressure, pollution pressure also led us in the Placing Do something.
Fast Development For Energy Storage
2016 policy in the second half of the introduction of frequent, next year there will be a more clear subsidy policy, solar power batteries energy storage has been on a cusp, and in 2017 -2018 must be a market competition and market expansion period. Jiuzhou Electric in this regard the advantages of our switchgear using the battery, especially as a brazing battery for us is no stranger to us. We began to develop high-performance batteries through R & D ten years ago. Our cooperation with the Harbin Institute of Technology battery technology, through our research in the world leader, because it can do the nano-level, the United States, Japan in many cases to achieve micron-level. 4BS additive particles smaller, the better the effect of sulfation to solve this problem, the life can reach 4240, itself recycling and comprehensive cost is very low, so it is a very good economic informal, especially In the electrical field of the storage level.

Speaking of energy storage business model, just for a simple statement, when we are low peak charge battery to the energy storage. The entire asset allocation and futures hedging have the same purpose. In the early days or the eve of the boom in energy storage, we can not confine ourselves to a comparatively closer perspective on energy storage technology. From a higher, farther perspective, we need to look at the whole country's electricity reform Or grid changes, to grasp such a trend, the future must be distributed energy world, must be the world of smart micro-network. Like the United States, Japan does not have a unified large power grid, because the unified large power grid but will be a big problem, but can reduce costs. In fact, our country is such a trend, after the positioning of large power transmission function, the future to achieve reliability of the main functions of energy use is to achieve by the micro-network.

Microgrid schematic diagram, from the transmission grid through the substation, through the different distribution network to achieve industrial-grade micro-network, commercial micro-network and civil micro-network implementation. Jiuzhou Electric has long been engaged in power dispatching, has certain advantages. Energy piconet meet the scheduling and large power grid has a very big difference, and its flexibility to add a variety of scheduling after adding a variety of terminals can be added to meet the scheduling difficulty is very high. We are in this area for a long time to the major industrial parks, to a variety of different levels of load power companies to optimize and software design, so we in the smart micro-network scheduling the overall design program has a very strong strength.

Technology, market and business model the eve of the outbreak of energy storage, auxiliary it must be capital. Why is the energy storage is 2017, 2018 will usher in a leap-style development? We look at the entire economic cycle or economic trends, the next five years, the main purpose of your investment is to ensure safety. From this perspective, the combination of solar generator energy storage and energy storage under the power reform, the energy industry is such an industry, with anti-cycle, with security and stability characteristics.

We can now see, from almost two years ago, the overall situation of the rise of financial leasing, it is behind the logic of investment in the outlet of the conversion occurred. Financial leasing, if there is no asset securitization also can not bring to the real economy now so much support. ABS from the previous financial institutions, asset securitization from the beginning of next year on a large scale directly to the enterprises, private enterprises, the manufacturing enterprise assets, in the case of pre-technology accumulation, we judge to energy-based smart micro-network, intelligent Energy within the next five years is bound to make a very clear trend, there is a very big leap.

Give us a report on the current business development of a situation. We have a number of provinces and cities in the country, the new wind energy field, photovoltaic power plant operation is already in full swing carried out. We have signed the contract amount is 3.98 billion. The future has been signed reserves of about 450WM project for us, the performance of the stability of the year after year to provide a very solid foundation. In countries with relatively intense domestic competition and overcapacity, we have also explored these projects in the "all the way to" countries, where Russia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Australia and Argentina are relatively underdeveloped Of the electricity market is also very well developed. At this stage we have a very good comparison and investment opportunities.

Jiuzhou Electric, including the future earnings forecast this year is a very good growth trend in the power of the reform of the background, how the economic situation, as mentioned earlier, the conversion of investment style, market business model continues to rise to Energy-driven industries will usher in a very big development. We hope that we can take this opportunity with you all, and make contributions to our motherland's mountains and rivers, green trees and trees, and to the happy life of future generations. Thank you everyone.
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