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Faraday Future Partner With LG Chem To Supply Lithium Cell For EV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-16 11:25:25
FFFaraday Future announced that it will build an electric car plant in Nevada, which will produce electric vehicles based on the VPA (Variable Platform Architecture) platform and will choose to buy lifepo4 battery pack from third-party vendors.

LG Chemical is currently the world's largest supplier of electric vehicle batteries. According to LG Chemical leaked from the internal sources, Faraday will not only choose the future of the Korean battery supplier battery, also signed with the value of 2.4 billion US dollars in battery supply orders.

The Korean Herald often leaks news from some South Korean technology companies that reported the news in a hint of uncertainty, saying the contract was signed by LG Chemical and Faraday, but the battery was LeSee super car supply as music.

And on September 20 0:00, as the music on the night, music, as the controlling stake in CEO Yue Yue announced the completion of music as car financing 1.08 billion US dollars, and announced the first round of financing as the super car financing list: the National Grid's British capital, Shenzhen Municipal Government investment platform deep Venture capital, Legend Holdings, Minsheng Trust, the new Hualian and the Acer trillion fund.

Although we did not get the contract information on the time plan, but we can come to the contract amount of some rough results. Order amount of a total of 2.4 billion US dollars, assuming that the value of 145 US dollars per kWh battery, then the equivalent of 16.5 GWh battery capacity. If the capacity of each vehicle battery pack to 80kWh calculation, enough to supply 200,000 vehicles.

The plan has been a mystery since Faraday's announcement of electric car production a year ago. The company's leadership problem has been confusing, until recently it was reported that China's music as the company and its founder Jia Yue-ting to establish a relationship.

According to the Herald Herald, it is puzzling that Faraday's next big battery contract is for the LeSee supercar. From the size of the document, if the battery is not all for the music as the car in China, the company will achieve greater production targets.

Earlier, the music as its factory in China plans to reach an annual output of 400,000 units, while the future of the factory in Nevada Faraday target annual output of at least 14 million units.
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