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Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-03 12:14:29
solar power solar power station under the hills of Walnut Street, a research institution focused on the explosive growth of the Austin, Texas-based utility industry's chief executive officer Brewster McLachan. Based on his first published economic theory of Everett Rogers in 1962, Rogers speculated that when 15% of the people accepted an innovation, it would quickly spread to 60% of his target population forecast. McCraken said that in some markets, such as Hawaii, California and Arizona, residential solar power has been achieved, to accept the 15% level. In his view, this means that it is about to see explosive growth.

"The first people who line up outside the store to buy the latest stuff, they usually have no effect (many), but they feed the next level of education," McCracken said. It is a group that does what makes it different. "If they say anything good, if people understand it through these forums, they are more likely to be widely popular."

If you are a utility company, a large-scale adoption of rooftop solar power is a problem. Part of it is the grid-rods, wires, transformers, and substation collection - will always be necessary. They took a lot of money to build and maintain. Another part of the problem is that if people make their own electricity, power companies will see a sharp decline in income. Uh oh. Revenue reduction means less profit, which means less money to pay for utility executives. It also means less money to pay for investors and bondholders.

Utilities must invest in grid trillions. The money comes from investors who think they are guaranteeing the rate of return. If the utility suddenly fails to repay the investor, many people will lose a lot of money. No wonder utility companies are nervous to limit the spread of solar roofs.

Suddenly, the thought was that a company had a monopoly to find itself competing with its own customers. This is because if people can suddenly start building their own cars. What happens to the auto industry, if that is the case? The problem of utilities simply because people start adding batteries to store their roof solar systems is getting worse.

As people increase the percentage of solar powered protable generator on their rooftops, utilities will be under enormous pressure to adapt. "The grid will still be necessary, but you will do a lot less money and you will create a lot of damage from the engineering point of view," he said. "It does create a lot of confusion, but it's coming."
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