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Enphase Energy Grants First UL Home Energy Storage System Certification

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-13 09:53:03
EnphaseUL's first home energy storage system certification, granted Enphase Energy.

International safety science certification body UL launched the company's first home energy storage system certification, by the solar inverter manufacturer Enphase Energy was. The certificate endorses Enphase Energy's products for the storage of renewable energy and the safety and effectiveness of the equipment.

UL first home energy storage system certification UL 9540 November 11 announcement issued to Enphase Energy. Through a reliable solar power batteries energy storage system, the average home user or business users can place solar energy, wind energy or other electricity stored therein for elastic use. With distributed generation system can enhance the use of renewable energy efficiency, reduce the demand for public access to electricity, and as a reserve emergency power use.

John Berdner, vice president and general manager of Enphase Energy's policy and policy strategy, said the UL-certified AC battery was the first in the North American market to receive the UL 9540 Certified Home Energy Storage System. By this certification, Enphase Energy will further expand its business from Australia to North America, the future will continue to cultivate other markets.

The UL 9540 certification consists of UL 1973 fixed battery pack certifications and UL 1741 converter certifications, which must be certified to further UL 9540 certification.

UL notes that consumers, utilities, commercial buildings, insurance companies, firefighters, electrical inspectors, and house inspectors are concerned with the safety and reliability of solar powered portable generator energy storage systems as the amount of energy storage system installations increases; The introduction of the relevant certification, will be able to by the requirements of the safety standards to enable the relevant persons to obtain protection.

Enphase Energy's AC batteries are supplied by Nippon Eliiy Power and are UL 1973 and UL 1741 certified and comply with Section 706 of the US National Electrical Code 2017: the latest requirements for energy storage system equipment.
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