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Enhance the Energy Density of Lithium-ion Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-28 11:40:47

1. Increase the proportion of positive electrode active material


Increase the proportion of cathode active material, mainly in order to increase the proportion of lithium elements in the same battery chemistry system, the content of lithium up to the (other conditions remain unchanged), energy density will be a corresponding increase. So in a certain size and weight limit, we hope that the cathode active material more, some more.


2. Increase the proportion of negative active material


This is in fact in order to meet the increase in cathode active material, the need for more negative active material to accommodate the swim over the lithium-ion, storage of energy. If the negative active material is not enough, the extra lithium ions will be deposited on the negative electrode surface, rather than embedded in the interior, irreversible chemical reaction and battery capacity attenuation. Our LiFePO4 batteries also need lithium-ion to produce.


3. Increase the specific capacity of the cathode material (g capacity)


The proportion of the positive active material is the upper limit, can not be unlimited upgrade. In the case of the total amount of positive active material, only as much as possible from the positive pole lithium-ion de-embedding, participate in chemical reactions in order to enhance the energy density. So we hope that the deintercalation of lithium ions relative to the cathode active material mass ratio should be higher, which is higher than the capacity index.


This is why we study and choose different cathode materials, from lithium cobalt oxide to lithium iron phosphate, and then to ternary materials, are rushing to this goal.


As previously analyzed, lithium cobaltate can reach 137mAh / g, lithium manganese and lithium iron phosphate in the actual value of 120mAh / g or so, ternary nickel-cobalt manganese can reach 180mAh / g. If you want to further upgrade, you need to study the new cathode materials, and to obtain industrial progress.


4. Increase the specific capacity of the anode material


In contrast, the specific capacity of the negative electrode material is not the main bottleneck of the energy density of lithium-ion battery, but if further enhance the negative specific capacity, it means that with less quality cathode material, can accommodate more lithium ions, To achieve the goal of enhancing energy density. The lithium-ion batteries can be used in solar powered portable generator.


The specific capacity of the hard carbon material and the nano-carbon material studied on the basis of the theoretical specific capacity is 372 mAh / g, and the specific capacity can be increased to more than 600 mAh / g. Tin-based and silicon-based anode materials can also increase the specific capacity of the anode to a high order of magnitude, which are the current hot research direction.


5. Weight loss weight


In addition to positive and negative active material, the electrolyte, separator, adhesive, conductive agent, current collector, matrix, shell materials are lithium-ion battery "dead weight", the proportion of the total battery weight In about 40%. If you can reduce the weight of these materials, while not affecting the performance of the battery, then the same can also enhance the energy density of lithium-ion battery.

In this regard, it is necessary for the electrolyte, isolation film, adhesive, matrix and collector, shell materials, manufacturing processes and other aspects of detailed research and analysis, to find a reasonable solution. All aspects of improving some, you can increase the overall energy density of the battery a range, it also helps the battery use in portable solar power generator.


From the above analysis can be seen to enhance the energy density of lithium-ion battery is a systematic project, from improving the manufacturing process, enhance the performance of existing materials, as well as the development of new materials and new chemical systems in these areas, looking for short- and long-term solutions.

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