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Engie Launches New Grid-Connected Energy Storage In Rotterdam

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-11-01 12:01:53
Engie, a multinational power company, launched a new grid-connected energy storage project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The energy storage project uses the secondary life battery to provide grid balancing services for the transmission and distribution company TenneT.
The first phase of the project is 150 kW / 90 kWh. Through the new system architecture, the Engie team placed a series of secondary life electric vehicle batteries that increased power and capacity while reducing costs. The system was developed by solar power generator energy storage technology company Connected Energy and was named E-Stor. After passing the initial phase of review, E-Stor will be deployed on a large scale in many other locations in the Nordic region.
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The second and third phases of the project will be launched in early 2019 and at the end of the year. The rated power of the second phase is expected to be 1 MW, and the capacity of the third phase will be larger, but the specific scale is currently unknown.

Connected Energy's products feature a solar power batteries battery pack's own management system that individually controls each battery pack. In this way, the health status, charging and heat parameters of each battery pack can be monitored and manipulated accordingly, so that the capacity utilization rate of each battery is optimized.

In addition to providing grid frequency control services, E-stor system batteries can also provide other grid services such as operational reserves and primary controls.

It has been reported that the secondary life EV battery market is currently experiencing snowball-like expansion. It is estimated that the secondary life battery used in energy storage systems may reach 42 GWh capacity in 2025. The report also emphasizes that the manufacturing process can achieve the use of this secondary life battery at a lower cost after standardization-related improvements, thereby further increasing the benefits of market stakeholders.
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