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Energy storage type optical thermal power station can achieve the best returns?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 14:30:13

Some industry experts believe that solar power generator project developers must according to the actual demand of the market, considering the longer scheduling capability and higher capacity factors, to determine the power storage capacity, to maximize the thermal power generation cost advantage.

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In fact, energy storage system has been widely used in optical thermal power station. As the main advantage of the thermal power generation technology, the configuration energy storage system can make the thermal power generation compared to other renewable energy power generation technology for the grid to provide more stable power supply.


According to statistics, there are currently 17 public utility scale solar thermal power projects under construction, in which 15 projects are equipped with a thermal storage system. September 13th, the national energy board released the first batch of light and heat demonstration project list, a total of 20 projects were selected, of which 18 projects have adopted the molten salt storage technology.

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Royal Institutet of Technology (KTH) senior researcher RafaelGuedez said: "the light thermal power stations in integrated energy storage system (TES), it can significantly reduce the cost of power leveling (LCOE), of course, to make the cost benefit to achieve the optimization, thermal storage system design scheme must consider the actual size of the island, Sun Island power and the specific power scheduling strategy."


"Full load heat storage when the length of each additional hour, means that the need to improve the investment cost of about 3%~4%, the specific amount will be increased depending on the thermal power generation technology, heat storage material and operation strategy and so on, but with the increase of the output power, the additional investment costs also increased accordingly," thermal storage technology experts Spain KatlynAvery power engineering and technology consulting firm Araner said, "through improving the heat storage capacity, solar thermal power plant will last much longer to run, will naturally reduce the cost of power generation, it is very cost-effective for project developers."


Tower molten salt heat transfer or will become the mainstream


According to some industry experts, tower solar backup generator application of molten salt heat storage system can run at higher temperatures, the installation and operation of the heat storage system is more convenient, the heat transfer efficiency is higher, therefore, the industry of high recognition technology of molten salt heat storage.


From the development of the Spanish energy company Torresol installed 20MW Gemasolar solar thermal power plant to the United States Sola Reserve installed 110MW barkhan power station, and then to Abengoa development and construction in Chile installed 110MW Atacama1 (power allocation and barkhan power station, and similar) ACWA electric power company in the construction of the Morocco 150MW NoorIII power plant, all without exception choose the route generation technology of molten salt heat storage type solar thermal tower.


It is understood that the use of oil as a heat transfer fluid (HTF) of the light tower thermal power station the maximum operating temperature is 565 degrees Celsius, by contrast, groove type heat conduction oil power station is limited to the maximum operating temperature of 385 degrees celsius.


"Higher operating temperatures will lead to lower cost and higher efficiency of the thermal storage system, which can be quickly translated into revenue." Avery representation.


Guedez added that if the molten salt at the same time as the tower light thermoelectric heat storage medium transfer station, the equivalent of the molten salt heat storage system and molten salt tower seamlessly, not only simplifies the whole plant equipment, maintenance and control for power plant later.


Groove type heat transfer medium: a study of heat transfer oil to molten salt


At present, many of the world's trough solar thermal power plant developers are tested in succession, to explore the heat transfer medium heat conducting oil conversion by the possibility of molten salt, hopes to further improve the technical level, to improve the operating temperature of the system, so as to shorten the tower and molten salt storage thermal power station the gap between.


According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report shows that if the heat transfer medium tank light heat transfer medium to molten salt, the installation cost of the entire tank thermal power plant storage system will be halved. In addition, by 2025, the cost of the installation of the thermal storage system is expected to drop to $16 /kWth.


In recent years, many enterprises are also Chinese photothermal heat storage technology in the study of slot type molten salt, and in the list of the first batch of thermal demonstration projects, 7 trough solar thermal projects have 2 molten salt as the heat transfer medium, heat storage and the two project duration were far beyond the other 5 projects.

The main factors affecting the size of the thermal storage


Generally speaking, public bidding in thermal power plants, the project developers often prefer have lasting ability of heat storage projects, because these projects not only conducive to the performance of the tender requirements, the power purchase price will be more competitive. "The best thermal storage system depends on the size of the acquisition side or given market conditions, such as power purchase plan, incentive measures." Guedez points out.


In 2014 KTH of the Royal Institutet of Technology has done a study, found that when the peak operation strategy of power stations, the owners are more likely to choose the heat storage unit and the light field is small; if need continuous baseload power generation, the owners tend to choose large scale thermal storage unit and light field.


The conclusion of the study shows that for a is located in southern Seville and other places like Spain 100MW solar generator stations, to obtain the highest rate of return, the length of power plant thermal storage is the best for 12 hours, at the same time ratio is calculated according to 2.75 to the sun.


In addition, Avery also pointed out that if the payment is subject to the available power scheme is applied to renewable energy projects, so that to a certain extent, will inevitably impact on the light power plant energy storage system scale.

For the traditional power generation, the power price is based on the power generation capacity of the power plant or the available power to develop, and its purpose is to encourage the power station to effectively play its role in the allocation of electricity. "The transmission system is supposed to be a better way to pay for thermal power stations with a larger energy storage capacity, because they are more reliable in terms of scheduling power." Avery representation.

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