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Energy Storage Project Deployment In California

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-10-24 12:13:41
The energy storage market now seems to have unlimited development space. The SPI American International Solar Energy Exhibition is a photovoltaic power generation exhibition. This year, it has more integrated energy storage elements. Whether California can achieve the 100% renewable energy goal, the answer to this article is yes, depending on the deployment of the energy storage project.

The 2018 International Solar Energy Exhibition (SPI) was held on September 25-27. In this exhibition, the industry believes that the market development of US and international energy storage seems to have as much space. This may be a clear sign that the world is rapidly adopting renewable energy, just like solar power generation solar power.

This year's International Solar Show in Anaheim, California, is like a solar power and energy storage show in many ways. Of course, the “independent solar” power generation market across the United States still exists. However, energy storage systems, mainly in the form of batteries, will play a huge role in renewable energy, and production has become an industry trend. Almost all of the US solar power installations now deploy energy storage systems, except for specific applications or business cases.

“Storage energy has always been one of the development directions of the solar energy industry. The solar power generation facilities and energy storage systems are used together to transfer the excess electricity generated by the sun to the peak demand period of the electricity demand, so that the energy storage system can provide the solar energy industry. An attractive and unique value proposition," said Alan Russo of Stem.

As one of the leaders in providing intelligent energy storage systems for commercial and industrial (C&I) operations that want to reduce peak power costs, Stem is trying for the first time to add solar energy to its energy storage products, a rare storage industry vendor using solar power. example of. Russo said that Stem believes that the combined product can also provide value in many ways.

Russo said, “The competition in the solar power market is becoming more and more fierce. When solar energy developers add energy storage systems to their solar power generation facilities, they can increase the gross profit margin of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners, improve customer returns, and then pass Transferring these rates provides the value they seek. Interest rate changes are designed to change consumer behavior, but we allow customers to operate the way they want, and everyone benefits from improved economic conditions."
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