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Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-04 12:43:19
It has been an attractive prospect to combine the components or components of the energy storage system into a hybrid energy storage system for revenue. In the past few years, many “solar+energy storage” and “wind+energy storage” projects have been successfully connected to the grid, which is a combination of the flexibility of battery storage systems and the growth of solar power generator power generation revenue.

So what does the hybrid energy storage system refer to in the energy storage field? Although this idea is not new, the development of this technology is still in its early stages. In the past few years, it was only the actual exploration of the grid application. Hybrid energy storage system (HESS) refers to the hybrid application of several different types of solar power generator energy storage systems. Their common denominator is the combination of two or more types of energy storage to form a single energy storage system.
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No single energy storage solution is suitable for every grid level application. As the industry media Greentech Media explained, they are usually designed for high power applications (ie "dash mode", provide a large amount of power for a short time) or energy intensive applications ("marathon" mode, providing consistent low power. The long-term power supply has different advantages and disadvantages in terms of working life, performance and cost.

Hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) often combine "sprint" and "marathon" storage energy solutions to meet applications with opposite requirements, such as fast response and power peaking.

Hybrid energy storage provides other ways to reduce costs, and two or more energy storage systems can share most of the same power electronics and grid connectivity hardware devices, reducing upfront and maintenance costs.
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