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Energy Storage Market Substantial Growth

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-11 21:38:53
Energy storageThe energy storage market will be a substantial growth. The report predicts that in 2024 the energy storage system investment will increase by 8 billion 200 million times to $6 on the basis of 2016.

The solar powered protable generator storage system is popular investment in 2024 will increase 6 fold to $8 billion 200 million.

During the same period, the global energy storage system installed capacity will reach about 45 million kilowatts. Five major energy storage equipment market is Japan, India, the United States, China and Europe, which will account for 71% of global energy storage equipment in 2014.
Now to 2024, the energy storage system market investment will reach $44 billion; in the same period the power plant investment of up to $3 trillion and 900 billion.
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