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Energy Storage Industry In Dalian

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-08 20:07:58
"If the car in low gear running or idle state fuel consumption is very high, the loss of the car is very large, we produce the start and stop the battery to solve this problem, skip the idle state, directly into the driving state." January 4 , Talked about the prospects of solar power batteries energy storage industry, Dalian Bo Rong new materials research and development manager Song Mingming confidence.

Dalian Bo Rong New Material Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise to produce vanadium electrolyte in China. With the strong R & D capability, the Company has successfully tackled key technologies such as purification and dissolution of vanadium materials. More than 30 key technologies, Indicators reached the international advanced level, as the industry standard setters. The first three quarters of 2016, corporate sales revenue of more than 500 million yuan, an increase of more than 20%, of which more than 80% of the products exported to the United States, Japan, Germany and more than 10 countries and regions.
solar Energy Storage system
Energy storage industry is currently the world's rapid development of new energy industry, but also focus on the development of Dalian's strategic emerging industries. Focused on the full vanadium flow battery energy storage technology and equipment in the field of international leading edge, based on the introduction of Dalian City, "the promotion of energy storage industry, the implementation of the views", to increase the energy storage industry projects finance, finance Support and efforts to enhance the vanadium flow battery energy storage technology and equipment R & D capabilities and level, to promote portable solar power generator energy storage technology and equipment in the power generation side, transmission side, power distribution side and the user side of the demonstration applications, the construction of important domestic lithium-ion Power battery R & D and manufacturing base.

Under the support of industrial policies, under the guidance of Dalian Pioneer New Materials Co., Ltd., the industry cluster of Dalian energy storage industry has been rising rapidly in a short time.
energy storage battery
Recently, Dalian BAK power battery two project main plant completed, enter the equipment installation phase. After the project put into use, lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity can be doubled, Nissan battery 500,000. With the increase in production capacity and the advent of new products such as iron lithium batteries, corporate customers from Dongfeng, Chery, Beiqi and other domestic auto manufacturers to expand to overseas manufacturers. At the same time, Zhongke Parsi lithium-sulfur battery in a pilot project, Rongke full storage of vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage equipment industry base and other energy industry projects are accelerating the construction of them. In the energy storage industry chain downstream, with all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology and equipment leading edge, recently launched the "Dalian liquid battery storage peak power plant national demonstration project," a total investment of 3.5 billion, will be completed Become the world's largest chemical energy storage power station.

According to the development goal, by 2020, the main body of Dalian Energy Storage Industry Innovation Center will be formed, and the energy storage technology will be improved day by day. The industrialization base will be built and the visibility of the industry will be improved significantly. The energy conversion efficiency of the whole vanadium flow battery energy storage system will be improved to 75%, the battery system cost reduced to 2500 yuan / kwh below. By 2025, Dalian is expected to form a whole industrial chain of energy storage industry system and comprehensive strength of strong industrial clusters, energy storage and related industries to achieve the output value of 500 billion yuan, becoming the city's strategic emerging industry, an important growth and support.


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