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Energy Storage In Renewable Energy Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 17:00:55
Energy storage has become the focus of many companies engaged in renewable energy industry. Solar PV projects and wind farms in the global and domestic rapid growth is forcing developers to innovate the power grid network, in addition to the development of battery storage technology of the new curriculum.

This needs to be taken into account in the new storage technology changes, because large solar and wind power projects and grid integration.
Energy Storage In Renewable Energy Industry
Taking into account the challenges of maintaining system stability, experts believe that portable solar power generator energy storage battery is one of the options that can help better manage power changes. As the local conditions may become cautious, the demand supply situation may require seamless management of the grid, and therefore must be changed.

Although many companies are innovative (Tesla is the best example), according to the Telangana state electricity regulatory agency Ismail Ali Khan, relevant auxiliary ability needs to be dealt with this revision, remember new development. For example, renewable energy projects are vulnerable to changes in climate conditions, the challenge is to ensure that this change will not affect the grid.
Energy Storage In Renewable Energy Industry
Representatives from several companies in the UK last month in India. They spend time interacting with their India counterparts at a conference hosted by CII to explore the potential of battery storage technology and explore the options for research and development in investment and cooperation.

In potential cooperation, the British Deputy Commissioner Andrew McAllister said in Hyderabad, 13% in the UK from renewable energy power, the goal is to reach 30% in 2030. Britain is the first commitment to completely eliminate coal energy by 2025.
Although the UK produces 3600 trillion watts of offshore wind energy, more than anywhere else in the world, it is also seeking innovation in the field of energy storage.
Camborne Energy Harry Vickers explains how the company focused on investing in energy storage products and developing them in Storage. As a technology agnostic player, it is willing to cooperate with any company that is willing to engage in this area of great opportunity and scope.

As the first installation of power grid scale in Somerset "Tesla power group", it has the ability to power 500 homes, Camborne is seeking to play a greater role with the India company.
Energy Storage In Renewable Energy Industry
With the wind and solar renewable energy capacity is expected to increase significantly, the demand for solar power batteries energy storage has become a new impetus to the company's field. By the design and manufacture of electric vehicles developed by the company of California, "Tesla power components" is complex, looks like a white refrigerator. It has been deployed in the uk. Camborne is considering building similar large projects.

Good Energy senior analyst William Heinzelmann said that they focused on innovation and investment in renewable energy technologies in the field of new areas. "We expect the cost of electricity will decline with the implementation of solar photovoltaic projects. By 2020, it is recommended that all domestic connections be connected to smart grids and smart metering systems.

With the installed capacity of solar and wind power projects increased significantly, Heinzelmann believes in the management of frequency are new challenges, including excess power or energy shortages, and a combination of different energy flow, including renewable energy. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the smart grid project and reduce network costs.

For conference experts, energy storage is one of the key areas to maintain grid stability and security. They reiterated that this would require changes to the regulatory framework.
According to the Renewable Energy Association's Frank Gordon, significant developments in the field of energy storage have led to a revolution in storage, which is critical to meeting the world's energy needs. He believes that although energy costs decline, but we need a better technical ability to deal with changing energy structure, without interruption of the stability of the grid.
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