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Energy Storage For Renewable Energy Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-15 15:39:54
In the global implementation of the Paris Climate Conference agreement, renewable energy development has become the main theme of energy development. From a global perspective, renewable energy has been installed more than the traditional fossil energy, which marks the whole era is gradually to a new era of renewable energy. China is vigorously promoting the energy revolution, which is the most important core is to promote energy restructuring - the gradual replacement of renewable energy currently accounts for more than 70% of the share of traditional fossil energy, so that China's energy more green, low carbon.

China's current renewable energy is in a new era of rapid and large-scale development. In recent years, whether it is wind power installed capacity or installed capacity of photovoltaic, China is not only the fastest development, the cumulative installed capacity of the most, but also the world's new energy, renewable energy investment and financing the largest and most active investment and financing areas. Data show that China's wind power installed more than 130 million kilowatts, and grid photovoltaic power to 77 million kilowatts, we achieve the 2020 renewable energy development goals with confidence.
energy storage
Of course, the development of renewable energy, energy storage is very important. If the wind power, optoelectronics and other intermittent, unstable energy into a safe, more stable, more smooth energy, no energy storage intervention is difficult to do. Although we can now through the energy Internet, intelligent energy to better promote the power generation side and the demand side of the effective response between, but the solar power batteries energy storage in both FM peaking, or in the energy reserve will play a more and more role.

China's energy storage is now a large-scale application, the first is the application of electric vehicles. China is currently the world's largest electric car country. Each electric car itself is a small or miniature energy storage facility. China has also built a lot of fast replacement battery charging station, which becomes a distributed system which energy storage system. In addition, large-scale energy storage pilot continue to emerge, while distributed energy storage, household energy storage is also beginning to enter the pilot demonstration stage.

In the development, a variety of complementary energy systems are growing rapidly in China, believing that the distributed energy system will develop faster during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and in this system construction, It is particularly important and realistic.

In recent years, with the rapid development of electric vehicles and distributed energy, China's energy storage technology has also been rapid development. Whether it is the traditional pump storage, or a variety of forms of lithium batteries, liquid battery systems are in development. The development of these energy storage systems has played a vital role in China's energy revolution.

Of course, the energy storage technology is still in the development, innovation, application, demonstration stage, the cost price is also higher, how to better with the energy system, how to calculate the energy storage price, from technology to economic policy, to the price, the entire application System, application management, there are many problems need to explore in depth.

Overall, energy storage and energy systems, is still in the application, demonstration and innovation, to explore. Energy storage innovation drive is particularly important, application model innovation, business model innovation, political system management innovation and policy innovation. At the same time to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation is also very important, because the energy storage is also a common global development goals, common development trends, through learning and learn from foreign successful experience, better open up the portable solar power generator energy storage market, so that renewable energy earlier The main energy.
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