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Energy Storage Cost Rapidly Declines

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 15:33:51
Energy storage is seen as the focus of the next big wave of change in the electrical sector, with many companies including Tesla actively investing, and many new ventures and emerging business models are springing up. In the past, energy storage prices Expensive, but in capital investment, capacity out, technological progress, the cost of various energy storage technology is rapidly declining.

The well-known investment bank La Zhade (Lazard) in December 2016 released "Razard energy storage cost 2.0 version" report, comparing the pumped storage power, compressed air storage, LFP battery, lead-acid batteries, liquid flow Batteries, sodium batteries, zinc batteries, flywheels, cold storage, in different grid applications under the homogenization of the cost of the project, because the different technical characteristics in different applications under different costs, which, the mainstream of lithium batteries, Of the data reported in the comparison, the cost of various applications are greatly reduced.
Energy Storage Cost Rapidly Declines
To replace the peak load plant applications, lithium battery per kilowatt cost of 0.285 to $ 0.581, down 12% over the previous year; in the integration of transmission and distribution systems applications, the reduction of 24%, residential applications decreased 11%; lithium battery is the lowest cost of the application of frequency adjustment, the cost of electricity per unit of 0.19 to 0.277 US dollars.

But the cost of the battery is increased, however, Lazard previous year report, the flow battery price range up and down as high as $ 600, 2.0 version of the price range significantly reduced, showing more accurate control of the cost, flow battery Although at first glance the cost of rising, but from the previous year, industrial development is still chaotic, the actual cost of the lack of control.
Energy Storage Cost Rapidly Declines
The cost of homogenization of most energy storage technologies is still higher than that of pumped-storage hydroelectric power generation, and the cost of homogenization is 0.152 to 0.198 dollars per kilowatt-hour. The data in the report of La Zade 2.0, However, while other energy storage technology costs are still higher than the pumped storage of hydroelectric power, but a few technologies and pumping the storage of electricity The cost of hydropower has been rapidly narrowing the gap, including the lowest range of lifepo4 battery pack per kilowatt 0.267 US dollars, storage energy storage cost per kilowatt 0.227 to 0.28 US dollars, the lowest range of zinc batteries per unit of electricity 0.262 US dollars .

With the technology, the scale of production to further progress, these energy storage technology is expected to soon be able to work with the pumped water power on an equal footing, Razard and partners Enovation Looking to the next five years, that capital cost reduction will further promote lead-acid batteries, lithium Batteries, sodium batteries, flywheels, and the cost of rapid decline, and even the flow of batteries will also benefit, vanadium redox flow battery expected average cost will drop 24%.


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