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Energy Storage Application of Power Lithium Battery for Electric

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 14:38:37

Electric vehicle lithium battery energy storage applications can be divided into before and after the use of two parts, the early part refers to the electric vehicle lithium battery scrap before the application of the latter part of the lithium battery refers to the electric vehicle after the end of the energy storage applications, Which is currently promoted by the echelon use.


From the storage side, the electric car from its inception, it has become a natural part of energy storage applications. The use of electric vehicles can be counted from the time of the birth of the car, has been 100 years, due to battery reasons, the exercise can not meet the needs of people, can not compete with fuel vehicles.


Until recently, lithium batteries have been applied to electric vehicles, only to make electric vehicles back to the automotive market, Tesla electric vehicles were optimized design, the use of high-performance 18650 battery to make a charge driving range of 500 km breakthrough, electric The superior acceleration performance of the car and the comfortable driving experience have enhanced the confidence of electric vehicles.


With the electric car production and sales into the rapid growth of geometric progression, electric vehicle lithium battery echelon applications and disposal of waste has become an urgent problem to be solved.


Energy storage applications generally refers to the energy, water, air, energy and other energy to the first deposit, and then in the appropriate time out for the application. Solar powered portable generator is a kind of energy storage situation. Electric vehicle as a consumer of electricity, it is different from other power supplies, a lamp when it is directly converted into electricity bright, a motor when it is directly converted into power, an electric furnace when it is directly converted to heat electricity, air conditioning to use electricity into air-conditioning.


Electric vehicle electric first when there is electricity in the lithium battery, the exercise on the road when the power into power. This is what we call the electric vehicle energy storage applications in the evening when the grid trough charging during the day on the road to exercise, which is an ideal way, many times will choose to charge when the peak, and then on the road exercise.


When many types of electric vehicles to re-use when the charge, the charging time will have a serious uncertainty. Which is the grid of energy storage applications are expected to have a great gap. Our efforts to promote the chemical energy storage battery applications, the majority refers to the power grid in the trough, the charge, the peak power in the electricity to the grid when the reverse, or directly to the power to the user. Many countries in the world to develop chemical energy storage technology is such an objective.

The rapid development of electric vehicles, a strong impetus to the development of lithium battery industry, such as lifepo4 battery pack, lithium battery energy density than in 2010 has been greatly improved, a charge driving range is also increasing year by year, more than 300 km of electric vehicles more and more .


Now many new energy automotive business commitment to the consumer battery life and warranty up to 10 years, but if taking into account the comprehensive use of the environment, the average life expectancy of the battery will be less than 10 years, the normal lithium battery electric vehicles Life is generally based on the nominal capacity of 80% as a standard, less than the number of lithium batteries are not used in the car. In actual use, less than 80% of the nominal capacity of the lithium battery can also use a lot of normal cycle times, which makes the EV lithium battery in retirement, still can play a role in energy storage applications.

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