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Energy Management System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-28 17:53:08

In the energy storage power station, energy storage batteries are often dozens of strings or even hundreds of strings of battery packs. As the battery in the production process and use, will cause the battery internal resistance, voltage, capacity and other parameters of the inconsistency. This difference is manifested in the battery pack is filled or discharged when the voltage between the series cells are not the same, or the energy is not the same.


This situation will lead to partial overcharge, and in the discharge process of the battery voltage is too low may be over-discharged, so that the battery pack significantly increased the dispersion, the use of more prone to overcharge and over-discharge phenomenon, the overall capacity A sharp decline in the performance of the entire battery pack capacity for the worst performance of the battery capacity of the battery core, leading to battery failure in advance. Therefore, for lifepo4 battery pack, the balanced protection circuit is necessary. Of course, the liFePO4 battery management system is not only the battery's balanced protection, there are more requirements to ensure stable and reliable operation of lithium battery energy storage system.

battery pack

1 single cell voltage balance function

This function is to correct the voltage or energy discrepancy caused by the difference of battery cell's own process in the series battery, to avoid the deterioration or even damage of the battery performance caused by overcharging or overdischarge of individual cell, All individual battery voltage differences are within a reasonable range. Requirements of the battery between the error is less than ± 30mv. (Electric vehicles just break through this bottleneck)

2 battery protection function

Single cell overvoltage, undervoltage, over-temperature alarm, battery overcharge, over discharge, over-current alarm protection, cut off and so on.

3 collected data are:

Cell voltage, single cell temperature (the actual temperature for each battery module), group terminal voltage, charge and discharge current, the battery internal resistance is calculated.

Communication interface: the use of digital communication protocol IEC61850. In the storage solar power generator system, the need to communicate with the scheduling monitoring system, send data and execute instructions.4 Diagnostic functions

BMS should have the battery performance analysis and diagnosis function, according to real-time measurement of battery voltage, charge and discharge current, temperature and battery terminal voltage, calculated battery internal resistance and other parameters, by analyzing the diagnostic model, the current single battery Diagnosis of the capacity or remaining capacity (SOC), diagnosis of the single cell health state (SOH), evaluation of the state of the battery pack, and estimation of the sustainable discharge time in the current state at the time of discharge. According to the requirements of the relevant standards of electric vehicles, the diagnostic accuracy of the residual capacity (SOC) is 5%, and the diagnostic accuracy of the health state (SOH) is 8 / RTI & gt;

Thermal Management

LiFePO4 battery module in the charging process, will produce a lot of heat, so that the temperature of the battery module rises, therefore, BMS should have thermal management functions.

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