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Employment In Solar Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-09 12:24:46
The slowdown in employment growth in the Indiana solar industry is seen as a one-time occurrence in the booming economic sector.

One of the industry’s advocacy organizations, the Solar Foundation in Washington, DC, reported on March 28 that in 2017 there were 2,775 jobs in Indiana and the solar industry, an increase of only 75 compared to 2016. The income is also a small part. Between 2015 and 2016, 1,133 new jobs flowed into the industry.
Employment In Solar Industry
Even if employment growth slowed, Indiana reversed the national trend of unemployment in the solar industry. According to reports, the number of jobs in the national solar energy industry in 2017 decreased by 9806 compared with 2016.

However, there were still 250,271 jobs in the national solar power generator solar energy industry in 2017, a significant increase from the 208,859 jobs in 2015.

So why a year of failure?"We are really looking for three reasons," said Foundation Senior Director Ed Geliland. 

First of all, a large number of solar installations started in 2015, but it was not completed until 2016, which increased the demand for workers.

Second, there are uncertainties in solar energy policies in some states, including California, which is the largest consumer of solar energy.

Third, concerns about the 30% tariff on imported solar panels announced by President Donald Trump in January this year.

Gillieland explained: "These factors will shift the market from rapid growth to a 3.8% decline.
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