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Electric Vehicles Fsat Charging Station Construction Will Accelerate

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-16 09:22:41
evTroubled by electric car owners of the far-end battery life is limited, the problem is expected to be resolved. Yangtze River Daily reporter yesterday from the State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company was informed that the company will accelerate the construction of electric vehicles fast charging stations next year in the province to achieve full coverage of the highway.

"Electric vehicle charging time is generally in twenty or thirty minutes, and now take the high-speed more convenient." Hong Kong and Macao in the Beijing-Hong Kong Expressway Hubei section of Chibi service site, the owner of Mr. Zhang charging station in the fast-happy said happily, previously charging along the highway Station less, electric car lifepo4 battery pack life is limited, afraid to open a new home to buy electric cars back home.

"Next year, the province along the highway will have fast-charging stations, electric car owners do not have to worry about half-way powerless nest." State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company official said, the company and the Hubei Joint Development Investment Group Co., Cooperation agreement, the fast charging station construction program into the right side of the highway service area of new planning, the existing service area to enhance the planning and service facilities layout adjustment plan.

According to reports, the State Grid Corporation of Hubei Province, Wuhan Electric Power Company plans this year in the high-speed service area of Wuhan Shi Gang, Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed parking area of Wuhan Lu, Huang Ezhou Huarong service areas to build six electric vehicles fast-charging station, fully optimized Construction of supporting service function of freeway service area in. The company has arranged charging facilities and technological transformation projects and construction 144, of which 70 high-speed charging stations, urban charging station 50, a total of 884 charging pile, next year fast charging station will cover the province highway.

It is understood that this year, the State Grid Corporation of Hubei Province, the province's leading power to carry out the "13th Five-Year" charging infrastructure special planning, preparation of the completion of the province's Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed, Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed, Han Yi-speed "four horizontal three vertical" The backbone of the inter-city network interconnection fast charge network planning, start the preparation of Wuhan city circle and the western Hubei ecological and cultural tourism circle "two laps" public fast charge network planning, public fast charge network planning and distribution network planning closely.
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