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Electric Vehicle Safety Issue

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-01 09:45:06
Fuel vehicles will be spontaneous combustion, the risk of battery power can be controlled through systematic measures. "As an energy carrier, lifePo4 batteries are bound to have a certain risk, but this danger can be controlled through systematic measures." China Automotive Technology Research Center, chief expert battery power, battery test and application technology alliance Secretary-General Fang believes that the traditional car fuel tank and fuel cell vehicles, high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks, are also dangerous, the annual occurrence of the traditional auto ignition and collision fire accidents are not unusual.
Electric vehicle safety problems, should not blame all the power battery body. "Since 2015, 17 of the four accidents are battery system, there are six related parts of the accident, there are two defects caused by the charging system, there are five illegal modifications or improper use caused." Li Dong , To ensure the safety of electric vehicles, both related to the whole industry chain, but also related to the product's life cycle. From the whole industry chain, the cause of the accident involving the battery single, battery and management systems, wiring harness, high voltage part of the charging pile, charging stations. From the whole life cycle, involving the battery and vehicle manufacturing storage, transportation and maintenance, scrap recycling dismantling and other links.

"Electric vehicle safety technology covers the power battery, vehicle and charging infrastructure in three parts." Ouyang Minggao that the battery business, we must do everything possible to thermal runaway risks and hazards to a minimum. At present, China's power battery lithium iron phosphate technology has been relatively mature technology, ternary cathode, graphite anode battery safety has also made a substantial increase in the flame-retardant membrane, flame retardant electrolysis, fire safety are achieved The innovation, single-cell battery products with foreign test results are not particularly large differences.

To ensure the safety of electric vehicles, vehicle companies is duty-bound. Among them, the scientific concept of security, rigorous development process, beyond the same level of collision protection performance, improve the electrical and electronic security protection programs are essential. "BYD's electric vehicle waterproof performance, Changan electric vehicle crash safety, SAIC Roewe complete electric vehicle safety protection program, are doing very well." Ouyang Minggao that compared with the international advanced level, we still have to learn The place. For example, he said Nissan pure electric car hear the wind, the cumulative global sales of about 230,000, there have been no major accidents. This is due to Nissan stratification, classification of the security concept - first of all prevention and control of accidents; followed in the event of thermal runaway, to try to avoid vehicle combustion, explosion; , The consequences will be the same as fuel vehicles. To this end, they use a strict V-type development model, from the material, single batteries to the battery pack, module, from the design layer to verify the test layer, all in strict accordance with the above ideas and patterns.
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