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Electric Car Life "Anxiety", Fast Charge Technology How to Solve?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 11:49:22

In the traditional energy supply has become increasingly tense, growing environmental problems in the environment, electric vehicles become an important national energy strategy, and to a wide range of global promotion.


However, compared with the traditional gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles there are still many pain points, battery life is short, long charging time is a typical example. Traditional gasoline vehicles full of oil state, running 500,600 km is very easy, even if found no oil faster, and everywhere can find gas stations. Fast charging is a good for the battery, LifePo4 battery pack.


In contrast, the mileage is short, long-time charging of electric vehicles is to allow owners to have a lot of complaints.


Slow charging is a regular electric vehicle charging method, electric vehicles are full of electricity in a time generally more than 6 hours, at night to become the owner of the car charging the general choice. However, during the day running car ran, no electricity how to do? Even find the charging station, do not have to wait a few hours before re-road it?

As a result, can shorten the charging time, ease the anxiety of the owner of the fast charge technology has come in handy. Hope this technology can be used in solar powered portable generator.

 Fast Charging

Fast-charge electric vehicle technology is currently no unified definition, the industry consensus is that for electric vehicles, fast charge technology is able to ensure that the time in the hour level, the car is fully charged technology.


The electric vehicle fast charge technology and mobile phone fast charge technology is similar, generally by increasing the current to achieve. The industry revealed that the rapid charge current, usually 10 times the conventional current or even several times.


Such as Tesla super charging station (supercharge), the charging socket current up to 80A, about 40 minutes, you can charge the car battery from 0 to 80%.

National Grid DC fast-charging pile current can reach 50A, generally 1 to 2 hours, the car battery charge from 0 to 80%.


Fast charge technology will be in a short time the battery power to 80%, and then to protect the battery performance, the current will slowly decline to 10A level. Therefore, the owner can change to the conventional charging pile to continue to charge to enhance the charging efficiency.

Of course, the traditional gasoline car refueling as long as a few minutes time, electric vehicle fast charging technology there is a time disadvantage. However, in the power battery recovery system is not perfect, and the car battery mode is difficult for a wide range of applications under the premise of fast-charge technology is undoubtedly the most effective solution.

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