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Electric Bus Caught Fire Due To Battery Issue

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 09:13:33
Electric busA bus from the Haitai South bus to the urban area of the 862 road electric bus to Jin Jing Road and Haitai Development Road junction near the car at the rear of the battery compartment suddenly caught fire. The driver stopped to evacuate the passengers and the firemen came to extinguish the fire.

Reporters rushed to the scene, the bike fire just been dragged away from the road in the development of Tianjin and Haitai Road intersection on the eastern side of the road near the junction, but also placed three removed from the bus down the battery. Witnesses Mr. Qi told reporters that at that time to see the bus parked at the roadside, the smoke emitted from the rear, then the car passengers are out of the car. The driver of the car with a fire extinguisher to the rear of the jet, but failed to extinguish. The firefighters rushed to the water and put out the fire. After the fire was extinguished on the car, it was the bus battery compartment in the battery removed, a block of the battery is still smoking.

At the scene, two men were cleaning up the lifepo4 battery pack, due to the lack of specialized equipment, they leveraged heavy batteries with iron bars, moved them on a forklift, and sent them to trucks. One man wearing a light-colored jacket while he said he was "Rishen battery", while he said he was "electric car service company", always reluctant to show identity.

October 23, Dongli District, Civil Aviation Hotel bus station 666 electric buses have occurred in the battery compartment fire. Reporters on-line inquiry, this year, the field has also occurred in electric bus battery fire accident. A number of people said that electric buses are environmentally friendly, but the battery security needs to improve protection.
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