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Electric Bicycle With 140km Long Battery Life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 13:57:53
Lithuania Touring Bus Fu'an Lithium Tourbill Li-electric bicycle in the field of blank, with 140 km long battery life, hidden battery design, travel butterfly design, and Shimano professional 27 transmission system.

Fu Shida Group began in 1992, more than 23 years of foreign bicycle brand OEM experience, learn from foreign advanced bicycle design concepts and manufacturing experience. Second, Fu Shida Group for many years with the spare parts manufacturers, not only can make all the best use of bicycle accessories, while reducing the cost of manufacturing bicycles. And in accordance with domestic user needs to develop this "ultra-long lifepo4 battery station wagon."
Electric Bicycle With 140km Long Battery Life
36V13AH-day high-capacity lithium battery, Samsung original custom lifepo4 battery pack, the weight of only 3Kg, excellent discharge performance, long mileage mileage.

Intelligent power system can be adjusted according to demand power required, both to meet the power requirements of use, but also reduce unnecessary battery consumption, more power savings.

Huayu Xinfeng high-speed rear motor, high torque output, more powerful, enhance climbing performance, reduce battery load, pedal power without motor resistance, no more power ride easier.

Shimano M370 full set of transmission, efficient power transmission, reducing resistance to consumption.
Electric Bicycle With 140km Long Battery Life
Intelligent battery management system also includes protection of battery performance, to prevent overcharge, short circuit, over current, re-use and other issues. The official measured battery life of 140 km, equivalent to the distance from Beijing to Tianjin.

In addition to long battery life, the vehicle used in all high-grade configuration products.
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