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Efficient Large-Scale Energy Storage Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 08:15:07
energy storageEfficient large-scale energy storage technology is the key technology of solar, wind and other renewable energy universal application.

Wind, solar and ocean energy and other renewable energy power generation affected by seasonal, meteorological and geographical conditions, has obvious discontinuity instability. Power generated fluctuations, poor adjustability. When too much wind power generating capacity of grid access, grid stability will be affected. Currently, large-scale renewable energy grid access is a bottleneck restricting the development. Supporting efficient large-scale energy storage, power generation can solve the contradiction between the time difference with intermittent electricity and renewable energy generation and net direct impact on the grid, to regulate power quality. Meanwhile, energy storage technology has an essential role in the off-grid solar, wind and other renewable energy applications.

Second, large-scale and efficient energy storage technology is the key to build a strong smart grid.

Power industry is the basic industry of the national economy, economic development and social progress provides an important guarantee. Smart grid technology to improve power system security, stability, reliability and power quality technology is important, as the Obama administration is an important part of the economic stimulus program. Energy storage technology as an important means to improve smart grid compatible energy generation capacity of renewable and intelligent grid energy of interaction between the central and tie, is one of the key technologies of smart grid construction.
Third, high energy storage systems for high-energy-consuming enterprises and the country's important sectors of standby power.

Electrolysis, electroplating and metallurgical industries, trams, light rail and subway and other transportation sectors, are concentrated large electricity. Use solar powered portable generator "Valley Electric" rechargeable energy storage system, at the peak of production is applied to high efficiency, operation, power, not only can reduce the burden on the power grid, can also reduce operating costs.

Another important application of high energy storage systems are used as a backup power plant government, hospitals, military headquarters and other important sectors. At a critical time to ensure stable and timely emergency power supply.
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