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EX200 Temporarily Discontinued For Lithium Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-01 16:00:23
EX200Beiqi new energy as a "hummingbird plan" in the pure electric "God car", EX200 from the beginning of the listing of high hopes by Beiqi. However, the days of the event, according to reliable sources, EX200 has been temporarily discontinued, because the EX200 with a Samsung lithium batteries, and was suspended subsidies. The disaster is not single-line, by the Korean Department of ternary lithium batteries are also Jianghuai iev6s. As we all know, the new energy vehicles if there is no national and local subsidies, as if breaking the wings of the birds in the sales is difficult to achieve a breakthrough.

The core technology of new energy vehicles lies in the power battery, and the new energy vehicles on the lifePo4 batteries access policy if you want to trace the source to 2015 from the Ministry of Industry issued the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions," said in the specification " In line with the norms of the conditions of the vehicle power battery enterprises to implement the announcement management, the enterprises on a voluntary basis to apply. In other words, the state of the new energy vehicle battery specification is the initial voluntary application, not mandatory. Because Beiqi new energy is not like BYD has its own battery technology, so have to rely on other battery manufacturers supply, South Korea ternary lithium battery and Beiqi has become a good base for friends.

With the expansion of the scope of the problem of new energy to fill the problem gradually expanded, the state of the battery industry to gradually increase the intensity of the standard until June 20, 2016, the fourth installment of the battery business directory announced that 57 companies "white list", no one Japan and South Korea battery business in China, officially opened the Korean battery "get the job," China's new energy battery catalog prelude. With South Korea's ternary lithium battery of the failed, but also caused the Beiqi EX200 also eat with their suffering.
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