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EV Batteries Lease Issue

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-11 12:08:44
Lease or not lease, this is a problem. For a long time, many automakers are thinking about how to transform their petrol auto business model into a relatively low-maintenance electric vehicle (EV).

Ten years before leasing or buying a battery pack, the discussion focused on whether an electric car or charging station should first appear. Of course, we need both, but we still need more, but they grow more or less together.
EV Batteries Lease Issue 01
The question of "buying or leasing your battery pack" followed. This is a more complicated one.

A better place to try something in the middle - swapping electric car battery packs at the site along the normal route and highway interchange - but this business did not last long.

But let's review it. - Why would you rent a battery pack? The answer is the same as many people decide to rent EVs instead of EVs. Battery technology is rapidly evolving, and it is more meaningful to purchase depreciation than to purchase. As the battery pack is improving every year, many people and companies do not want to stay on the 2015 battery in 2020.
EV Batteries Lease Issue
The problem is that if everyone rents out to avoid depreciation, some people still insist on bad depreciation - whether it is a startup or an automaker. Foreseeing this possibility, those companies will raise prices or stop offering leases.

Under normal circumstances, car manufacturers choose not to rent batteries - they insist on normal sales of cars, allowing buyers to deal with depreciation themselves. Renault is already a company that takes the battery rental route. As of this time last year, it has leased more than 100,000 battery packs. So far, this option has been a good solution to consumer concerns about the often used battery degeneration panic strategy, this choice may be Renault Zoe is often in the top of the electric car a significant reason. Europe.

But buyers like to choose, and Renault already includes electric vehicles. Many consumers are waiting, but how many people will eventually buy batteries instead of renting/renting them? Does the Zoe buyer's Volkswagen still choose Zoe to purchase 23,700 euros (about 30,000 U.S. dollars) and pay about 49 euros per month for battery rental, or whether they are willing to buy an extra 8,900 euros (10,000 U.S. dollars) battery pack.
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