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EU Trade Protection Measures For Chinese Solar Panels And Solar Cells Will Expire

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-08-21 12:20:10
The EU's trade protection measures for Chinese solar panels and solar cells will expire in September 2018. According to Reuters reported on August 23, the EU rejected the EU producer's request and will cancel solar energy to China in September this year. Import control of panels and batteries. These producers argue that the EU will open its doors to a large number of “dumping products”.

According to insiders of the European Union, the European Commission, which is responsible for coordinating EU trade policy, proposed to reject the “expiration review” request and was supported by most of the EU's 28 member states.
EU Trade Protection Measures For Chinese Solar Panels And Solar Cells Will Expire
In 2013, the EU imposed anti-dumping and countervailing measures on Chinese solar panels and solar power batteries, wafers and batteries for the first time, and extended these measures for 18 months in March 2017.

Chinese manufacturers are allowed to sell solar products in Europe, and if their sale price is higher than or equal to the lowest price that has been gradually reduced, they can be exempted from tariffs. If sold below this price, they will be subject to a tariff of up to 64.9%.

According to the report, the EU faces a delicate situation that needs to be balanced. On the one hand, it is the interests of EU manufacturers, and on the other hand, the interests of importers and installers who are eager to reduce the cost of solar power generation.

The EU Producers Union has stated that there are good reasons to extend the implementation time of the relevant measures. In 2012, the alliance initiated an initial complaint. The lifting of anti-dumping measures will help increase the employment rate in the solar industry and create an additional 45,000 jobs in the EU.
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